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    0331 Machinegunner
    5811 MP
    3051 Supply
    0531 CAG

    And soon to be 0369

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    Marine Free Member montana's Avatar
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    0311..specialized in M14, 45,frags and detecting boobytraps... only messed up once...had a good ending though...was wakeup call

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    Combat Engineer/chaser/c.o.driver

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    2531 f.o. radio op.

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    6113/6173 CH-53 Mech/Crew Chief - Swing With The Wing

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    0311/9940 primary grunt, secondary interpretor. 10 months Vietnamese language at DLI language school. Washington DC. 1967-1968. Nam 1968-1969. Knowing Vietnamese never kept me out of pulling ambushes and listening posts.... only difference was I knew what they were saying coming at us.

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    6287 F/A-18 Safety Equipment Mechanic. I repaired and maintained the ejection seats and enviromental control systems on the aircraft.

    Went to school at Nas Pensacola FL and Nas Lemoore CA

    enjoyed every minute in the corps

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    Quote Originally Posted by testforecho2112
    Naw...I had to do it, I was working for HQ, Sgt Maj Harold Overstreet was the SgtMajUSMC, and I was assigned to him pending my medical review...it was a VIP billet and required 5800 status...

    I'm still, and always will be, a grunt at heart.
    That sounds like that might have been a good gig. But why would they assign a broke dick 03 or 5800 to the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps....... BWHAHAHA Just kidding Brother.

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    0231...intelligence Analyst

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtgrunt0311
    That sounds like that might have been a good gig. But why would they assign a broke dick 03 or 5800 to the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps....... BWHAHAHA Just kidding Brother.

    I crushed two discs in my back while in Bosnia in a HMMWV. The AF was in charge of the PEB's back then and they flagged my a$$ for immediate medical seperation due to the extent of the injury...didnt matter that within months I was back to a 300 PFT. I wrote letters to theCMC, SgtMajUSMC, Prez, VP, every Senator, Governor, Congressman, Sec Def, and anyone else I thought mightl listen.. I guess they got tired of getting my letters, so while I was waiting for the appeals process the Sgt Maj Overstreet 'asked' my CO if I could come work for him to 'keep me out of trouble'. I didnt really have a choice. But, then again, I would have gladly gone back to the field with my brothers...you play the hand dealt ya, right? I spent two years with him, really, the best two years of my life. I learned alot about being a Marine from him. I was an O3 then, and before I could go to work for him I had to go through the VIP protection course first...Try being a Lcpl in a classfull of SrNCO's! I felt like a puppy in the middle of a pack of wolves!

    Discharged medically at 60%, still pi$$ed about it.

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    0341 - Lazy Mortarmen
    0913 - Marine Combat Instructor (Infantry Training Battalion)
    And hopefully in May, 0311.

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    1375 Demolition Spec.

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    Marine Free Member AAV Crewchief's Avatar
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    God's Country, Northwest Florida
    1833 - Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crew (Active Duty)
    0321 - Recon Scout (Reserves)

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    Ft. Bragg
    My first 3 years I never went to the field without a radio on my back. I guess you could call that OJT field radio operator, what ever MOS that is.

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