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    i was in charlie company 1980-82 then the rock

    anyone from unit

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    what company

    i was in 1st platoon ssgt duncan was my plt sgt cpt merrit was our co then 4 th platoon. then rotated alpha company at scwab

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    i know colvin we where in school at same time he was in charlie company curry was my crew cheif did you know j richards and morris and got promoted to cpl at same time with shaw and bunch of others

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    I served in 3rd AMTRACS, 5th AMTRACS, 3rd AAV BN, Schools Bn instructor, LVT R-1 recovery crew chief, give me a shout.

    Don Scoby

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    Marine Forever

    We were one of the first classes at Camp Del Mar to test the LVTP-7, they were called back then- 1972.

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    I was out there from 84-86 as a 2142...Gunny Hurtt was our Ramp Chief, 1stSgt Mayfield was Co. 1stSgt. and Capt Corcoran was our CO.

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    I was 3rd aavs k-bay 84-88 2nd plt. Cpl.Allen E.L. yat yas!!! devil dogs! any one from then drop a line

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    I remember the CG and IG inspections. I received a Noteworthy and an accommodation. I was a 2142 and remember Gunny Pittman very well. I was there from 84-86. Capt. Corcoran was CO.

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    I was with 2nd . plt.3rd aav's det co. alpha. kanohe bay hi. 84-88. Not to brag but we had two plt. det. to hi. and we still hold the record for most letters of commadations ever aquired inn a commanding gen. inspection. 1st. got 16 - 2nd got 18. total of 34 the most that had ever been giving to any one unit at the time was 2.

    yat yaz. thanx. gunny pittmen

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    was there from Apr 84 thru Aug. 86 as a 2142. Made the mistake of letting 1st Sgt Mayfield know I could type and they took me off the ramp and moved me into the admin office.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monte3rdaav View Post
    A CO 3RD AAV. Been a long time since i've seen or talked to anyone from the battalion. Give me a shout. 1982to1986.

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    I joined the Corps in Dec 1967 after schools Bn 21 Area Delmar I was assigned with Charllie Co 5th Tracks. These were the LVTP5. I was still 17 then . When I was 18 I deployed after staging Bn to Quang Tri Combat BAse Viet Nam and got sent to TANKS!!! I didnt know anything about a Tank, but picked up Lance, and then being sent to Secuirty Platoon hig h tpatrol and ambushes and some rat patrol on hwy 1. Then after Nam I w ent to B Co 3rd Tracks Camp Hansen Okinawa a short time cause I made Corporal and got sent to Camp Schwab Area Guard until November 1969 where I then went on BLT2/9 withj A Co 3rd Tracks and aback to Viet Nam 4 More times.
    Thanks for the Photos to look at, brought back alot of memories, Oh question when u cleared the jette did you have beach rescue backing u up before u went in the

    Reg Ford Corporal USMC 1967-1973
    AKA Kink

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