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    but, but, but.......................

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    Go army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT7477
    Go army.
    Why would you want to do that to the fine men and women of the US Army?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four_Bravo
    Why would you want to do that to the fine men and women of the US Army?
    Because they can have the s__tbirds Cpl.

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    Come on Sgt... they aren't Marines but they don't need to have to deal with people like this. I'm thinking maybe the peace corps would be a better fit.

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    Peace Corp. probably true but I stick with my SDI enough said CPL.

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    With all due respect ma'am you will find Marine's stand strongly with their core values one of which is Respect we find it impossible to respect those that refuse to respect themselves. Another is Honesty, It is impossible to believe a person when they say that a standing criminal is being enlisted when the Marine Corps has the toughest Regulations regarding crime of all of the armed forces. And lastly is pride......Please read your start of this thread, now honestly do you see any Pride there? You want to know why you are being Denied? I think the answer is right in front of you and I also think you know that answer. Good Luck ma'am in your future where ever that may be.

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    Ok...back to the topic....'hearing'...

    High Freq. hearing loss over a certain level is a 'no go' for entrance into the military, no matter the branch. I know, because I did this myself about 6 months ago when trying to enlist (into the Air Guard). I passed a flight physical, got waivered for prior Lasik surgery, the whole bit, and then got DQ'd for enlistment as a loadmaster because of HF hearing loss in one ear. Had I not been allowed to re-take the hearing test, my HF hearing loss was to such a degree that, EVEN AS A PRIOR SERVICE person, I would have been DISQUALIFIED for enlistment. No waivers, no appeals, no nothing.

    HF hearing loss just isn't waiverable, the military figured out that it eventually causes you to go deaf, and isn't fixable with hearing aids or anything else (from what I was told). My hearing loss prevented me from flying, or doing darn near anything in the Air Guard, but I re-took the test and squeaked by with a 'Class II' hearing.

    So, that should explain that.

    Moving on....

    Criminal acts are waiverable if they fall under certain criteria and the person isn't on probation or parole.

    Deafness isn't waiverable, so no matter what you think you 'know', someone that's deaf in one ear isn't going to get in to any branch.

    As far as 'failing' the ASVAB goes, that's an easy fix. The test was obviously re-taken by the 'fail-ee', and they passed.

    Lastly, having a fit and falling in it (and wanting to get arrested) isn't going to get you enlisted, in the Marine Corps or anywhere else. That's immature and stoopid.

    Life didn't deal you fair hand. Such is the way of things. Suck it up and move on. But whining ain't gonna get you no sympathy, and that's just the way it is.

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