Replacement ID card?
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    Replacement ID card?

    I just had my wallet stolen, including my Marine Corps ID. How does one go about getting a new one?

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    Talk to the unit Clerk or 1st SGT, but go thru channels, they should be able to help you out with a new one.


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    If it was stolen make sure you report it to the police. If your command is hard core they can punish you for losing it. At least then you will have some sort of proof that you were not the one that just left it somewhere.

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    I had my ID stolen from the base gym a few months ago. I filed a report with PMO and took it through my chain of command. All it took was getting a form from my S-1 and getting it signed by my SNCOIC and taking it to the base RAPIDS/DEERS office. No page 11 or anything. Getting it done with my command was pretty painless.

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    Let us know your progress. PMO may, or may not, take a police report, they may just tell you to go to the ID card section and get a new ID issued. Regardless of what THEY tell you, let your chain of command know.

    Also, cancel any credit, bank, phone, or other cards that you might have had in the wallet. You need to do that ASAP if you haven't done so already.

    Don't forget to get a new drivers license, either.

    Plus, if you had your social security card in the wallet, you'll need to get a new one of those, as well.

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    The ID has been recovered, crisis averted.

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    I was discharged in 1969. Just back from Nam. I was given an ID card. I cant remember what color but after all these years I cant find it. Any ideas if I can get a replacement? Thanks for any help.

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    Were you retired, or just discharged? If just discharged, you may still have had reserve time to complete on your enlistment, if that be the case, you would have been given an ID card.

    If retired, then you would be given an ID card as well.

    If it was the former, then once it's lost, it's lost, since the gummint technically tells you you have to turn it in when it expires.

    If the latter, you can get a new one through the closest military base or reserve unit.

    If neither, and you want something signifying your service, there are a couple of ways you can do that:

    First, there is a company called 'Veterans Advantage'. It's a pay site that gives discounts on various stuff (totally legit by the way) and issues an ID card with your name, service, and rank on it.

    Next, the VA also issues ID cards. If you are 30 percent or more, you rate one.

    Not sure that helps or not.

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    Thanks, USMC 1963 and Sgt. L. for all your replies. Yes, I was hopeful that I could go back to that time. But as said above, where would they get the pic? And also if I was supposed to turn it in (which I didn't) then I could never get a replacement I guess I am getting nostalgic. But will look into the paid site. Thanks again guys.

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    Why do I carry mine from 2001? Same reason LOL. Too bad someone doesn't come up with the idea to reproduce old time ones....say...hmmmmmmmmmm.......

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