Looking for fellow wounded Marines from FOB Kalsu '04.
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    Looking for fellow wounded Marines from FOB Kalsu '04.


    I am looking for any Marines that were wounded on November 29th, 2004 in the FOB Kalsu phone tent. There were about 15 of us that were medevaced but I can't remember the exact number. I remember Sgt Hernando, Michael from 1/2 Charlie company. He and I roomed together at the CSH in Baghdad and we did many ops in Babil province while I was with EOD Security.

    There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about that day and the rest of my combat experience while we were there. To think that we did so many ops and then we get hit in a phone tent between movements is tough to fathom.

    Thanks in advance to those who can point me in the right direction and I hope you are all doing well.

    RIP Cpl Renehan

    Semper Fi,

    Cpl Steiner, Andrew
    2001-2005 OIF 1&2

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    I wasn't wounded but I was in line at the phone tent when it was hit.

    (then) Cpl Jeffcoat MALS-29 with the 24th MEU (REIN)
    I was an Ordie - we lived out at the bomb dump on the other side of the flightline.


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