Looking for Security Forces Rota or Crete 92-94
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    Looking for Security Forces Rota or Crete 92-94

    Sound off-

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    Deployed to Rota in 04 for a six month jump with FAST Co. Great times! Anyone know Lcpl/Cpl Piol? I know its not the time frame for the post just thought this might attract some other SF guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbywatson0331
    Sound off-
    I got to Crete in late 94, what's up Devil Dog? Are you missing the Fun Pub? I do!

    Did you serve for Capt. America? AKA - Capt. Donovan - he earned a Silver Star in the first Gulf.

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    Good old Capt Donovan.....He was Lieutenant when i first got there.

    You ever hear a story about three jarheads sneaking two swedish girl on base after hours in the trunk of a car?

    You got him....NJP and all.

    Ironically, when i got to the fleet, my 1st sgt laughed and had it thrown off my record. Then i got meritoriously promoted twice after that.

    Bot will be boys, marines will be marines.

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    I was in security forces rota from 90-92

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