"Dress Blue's" now standard issue .....
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    "Dress Blue's" now standard issue .....

    I read somewhere that the Dress Blue uniform would now be issued to all Marines at boot camp .... did this really take place ??

    Sounds like a great idea.

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    JimmehT -- thanks for the info!


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    There are always questions regarding Dress Blues well here you guys go according to MARADMIN 504/07, this states that all recruits will be issued Dress Blues while in Boot Camp!

    Semper Fi,


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    They were standard issue back in my day...I graduated 05FEB1993. I wonder, is it due to budgets that makes the Corps decide to issue them or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmehT
    That is what my Recruiter told me today.

    I was pretty psyched to hear that, but I would have bought them either way after I complete Boot Camp.

    How much were/are they?
    from the uniform store? 250 for the jacket, 30 for the pants, 20 for the cover, 10 for the emblems, like 20-25 for the belt, rank patches 5 bucks plus sowing them on, gloves are like 15, then there is tailoring, dry cleaning.

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    I didn't get them issued to me in Boot, we had the chance to buy them there but i was issued 3 pairs for Security Forces turned out that i didn't need them because i went to FAST Co so i only wore them at the Balls. Speaking of the Marine Corps Birthday Balls man I wish i could still attend those things what an awesome time getting ****ty ass drunk with a bunch of SNCO and Officers LOL man my hard ass Gunny told us things one night that just made us laugh every time he tried to pull the 'kill hat' routine on us.

    I hung up my blues when i got out and tried to put my jacket on the other day, HAHAHAHA!!! How did i ever fit into that thing, and im even fat i just must have been that skinny in the Corps.

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    I can't even button mine up anymore. But since ours were'nt issued, I needed mine in a pinch for a family funeral. I bought a pair off of a Marine that ended up not going into Security Forces. So they did'nt fit me to begin with. I was about 155 then when I was 17-18. Now I'm 195-200 at 27. Looks like I need to do some shoping.

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    From what I heard, the reason they are standard issue now is because so many Marines are dying overseas, and they didnt have blues to be buried in. A lot of their buddies would just give theirs away and say "bury him in mine"

    so now they're issued in boot camp to everyone.
    I dont know if thats the exact reason for sure, but I definately know they're standard issue now.

    -CPL Maines

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    Standard issue.

    Boots go home on leave.

    RSS duty.

    It's a PR thingy.

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    When I was at the island this began, however I was not issued them in Bravo Co. Charlie Co. was the first recruits to be issued dress blues. I am pretty sure they are all graduating in them as well.

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    Well I just Graduated on the 4th we got issued Blues. but graduated in service C's .. so there not graduating in them yet

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    My company graduated in C's. That was last year though.

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    No dress blues issued

    I graduated boot August '96 and we graduated in blue deltas. Jacket was not standard issue. Is was issued to honor grads only.

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    in '93 our entire Co graduated in Blues...I dont know why they choose when and why...but obviously they do.

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    they won't be graduating in blues if it's gonna 'cause heat casualties... so don't get your hopes up guys.

    I think they are issueing them because marines take payday loans out to get uniforms and what not...... no I'm JK.

    it's a PR thing to say you'll get your blues in boot camp... however you still are paying for them!!!! hahahaa, you guys must not remember signing the little sheet saying take my money..... well you pay for your initial issue and everything else you get.

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