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    Question Medical Waivers

    I was just wondering how easy or is it fairly easy to get a medical waiver approved??

    Say you cant complete one of the 22 manuevers at MEPS, would a waiver more than likely get approved?

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    What is the waiver for?

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    I forget the exact type of waiver, but its for a manuever that i cannot complete

    its where you are on your kness and you have to tuk your feet under and rise to the standng position.

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    If it is a medical condition involving your lower extremities preventing you from doing this then you will need a waiver. Depending on the extent of the condition determines whether or not a waiver is approved.

    Is this a medical condition or is it physical weakness preventing you from going from this position to upright?

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    im not sure what it is, but ive been told that i need to strengthin my lower body muscles, but as of right now i cant do it

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    This is not my line of expertise but I have never heard of getting a waiver for a physical weakness.

    As of today you need to forget the word CAN'T.... that and FAILURE are not words in the Marine Corps dictionary.

    "When you are up to your azz in alligators it is difficult to remind yourself to drain the swamp!"

    If there is a physical condition preventing this then you need to have medical documentation to give to your recruiter so that he/she can send a waiver package to MEPS.

    If this is a matter of strength training then you need to start doing leg squats,lifts and leg presses to strengthen those muscles.There a posts in the Poolee Forum for exercises to help prepare you for boot camp.

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    but if it is a physical condition, is it more likely that my waiver will be disaproved?

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