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    Angry Need to Vent

    Thursday night I came home from visiting my parents to find some son of a motherless goat had stolen my "Support The Troops" sign I had on my front lawn. Being that I'm now out in the World and surrounded by civilians, now one seems to understand why this bothers me so much.

    They say it's just a sign. What's the big deal? You can get another one. It's more than that and I know I won't get that here.

    What I hope to get here are some claymore mines to put on my lawn with the new signs I've ordered.

    Semper Fi
    Gil Soria

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    claymores'd work. If they get close enough, ya wouldn't have as much of a mess to clean up. kinda scatters things a bit, ya know....the dogs'd clean up most of the rest for ya.....

    Isn't that stealin' and vandalism or some such? Ya call and see what the local law dawgs haveta say yet?

    I've lived in neighborhoods before where I walked the perimeter once or twice a night. Varying times and all that. Let the locals know I was on the hunt. Things quieted down a bunch after awhile. Pain in the ass, but it works. I worked with the cops quite a lot, but they can't be around 24/7.

    Even set up trip wires once. Non-lethal, but I still laugh when I think of the kid who got into it.....He looked like road kill the next day! He was so obviously tresspassing and vandalising that he didn't dare say a word. I actually had the chance to laugh in his face! Did I mention he was breaking and entering as well that night? It worked for both of us. He didn't go to jail, and the rampant vandalism stopped quite abruptly...word got out pretty quick....and more than ten years later I'm still chuckling......and living in a slightly better neighborhood. Shut down a 200 member gang for more than a year! That was my turf and they knew it.

    That was over a decade ago. I think the statute of limitations is up by now.....

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