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    Woot woot

    I took the DLAB for the second time yesturday, and I scored a 118.

    Does anyone on here know anything about the school in monterey?

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    I'd like to know more about the school as well.
    I took my DLAB around two weeks ago. Got a 124.

    I read the page on about.com and I read a couple older threads on here, but anything else would be appreciated.

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    What language are you going for? When do u ship out?

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    Phantom Blooper
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    What language is Woot woot?

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    Marine Free Member sparkie's Avatar
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    Woot, Woot, is Emerald City for 'No you can't go home, Betch.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Blooper
    What language is Woot woot?
    It's a language frequently spoken by online gamers. Often called l337 (leet, aka "elite") speak. No place for that trash here. Poolee, keep it in the gaming forums, that language has no place in my beloved Corps site!

    Semper Fi!

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    Sorry, around here woot woot is used when your happy about something "I caught the biggest fish today. woot woot."

    didn't mean to offened anyone.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    You are not offending me about your Woot woot verbiage. I was just concerned that there was a dog or cat in heat or a sick train getting ready to jump the tracks.

    I use fishing when I take my RV out for relaxation therapy....I caught a bunch of fish, in my day. My fishing partner...my bride...would have my azz locked up in the Federal Mental Institution if I caught a fish and I yelled out WOOT WOOT!

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    Wow...unbelivable.All these posts and not one constructive. Good job on the 118 and the 124 , the DLAB is a very hard test. Im not sure but my friend who is in Military Intelligence right now said your language depends on your score. So if you barely pass you might end up learning spanish or something. The ones who score higher learn harder languages like pharsee.
    Why they would send someone to learn spanish I have no idea. Half the Marine Corps is from LA and Texas, hence spanish speaking Marines, But again great job on those tests.

    Now Ive never been to the school and Ive only heard from MI guys that the school is awesome. Basically on campus, except your in uniform , and when you get done with your school , Ive heard it translates into a degree. Plus your in Cali by the beach. F'n awesome.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    There may not be anything constructive on this thread except humor....because minus this post there are two pages in search dealing with DLAB with constructive answers.

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    Yes Sir, there is 2 pages about the DLAB, but I dont need info on the DLAB, I'm done with it, I need info about Monterey and the DLI.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Right in the heart of the land of "Fruits & Nuts"

    I know this isn't what you want. But put a search on a search engine for Marine Corps Schools Monterey,CA and see what you find.

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    What kind of info do you want about DLI?

    I used to live by Monterey, so I've got a few close friends that went that I could give me answers for your questions...

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    Well all that I know about it now is the it is in CA, and it is a language school, I dont know anything else.
    Are there breaks in the class's, like in college for christmas and stuff?
    How big are the classes?
    How long are the class's each day? I know the whole school is 64 weeks for chinese(Asian Pacific Languages)
    Is there regular PT or is it an individual effort?
    What all is there to do on your free time? or is there free time?

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    Phantom Blooper
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