WWII Forest Green Uniform thread
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    WWII Forest Green Uniform thread

    Post your "Forest Greens" from WWII here.

    These photos are courtesy of the military forums site (USMF) that I belong to. That having been said, they are also for sale. (NOT by me). If anyone is interested, let me know and I can put you in touch with them. (I do not know the seller, but they are such good photos of 'common' everyday uniforms, I thought I'd post them here for all to see before they are no longer available).

    A 1943 dated size 4 M, made by College Hill Fashions (under contract).

    The liner markings. This would be inside the left sleeve. All WWII era (and before) coats were marked this way.

    The reverse:

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    Korean war era Vandegrift coat and trousers. Marked size 5M

    The coat itself:

    The coat reverse:

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    The trousers:

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    A size 4 overcoat, cut down to peacoat size. (A common modification)

    The reverse:

    The markings. Again, inside left sleeve. These were from the Quartermaster Depot, (Unsure which) dated 1944.

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