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    The Marine Corps is the most elite fraternity of men and women who live by honor, courage, and committment, to serve as protectors, liberators, and warriors.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine84
    Oh you've gone and made her mad now.

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    RRRRRRR get him.

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    Semper-Fi Heart will get you through more than just Boot Camp. A Marine is more than a's a call to duty. One that sometimes, more often than not comes at a time when you are going to wish it didn't.

    Semper -Fi Heart will relieve you from that thought and that struggle of making it through a PT session, a test, an azz chewing,a 15-25 mile hump or anything the Marine Corps can throw at you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotivatorOfTheGuard
    Attention Poolees. I have a task for you that i would like all to participate in! I would like to see every poolee sum up in a single sentence, what the Marine Corps IS to them. What ever you think it is, what it is to you, what it means to the country and the world. Sum it up in one sentence, and one sentence only. Extra points to the poolee that can sum it up in one word, and impress the old salty wardogs roaming around here. Ready...Move.
    Do you really need another headache?lmfao

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotivatorOfTheGuard
    Now they take it out of Marine's BAS each paycheck, and in substitute, every Marine who is not on Comrats, has in his possession a "meal card" which he uses to "pay" for his meals at the chow hall.
    Nothing new they had meal cards back in the 70's.

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    Now when I said fraternity, all I meant was group/family/organization.. Didnt mean to offend.

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    The Marine Corps is my chance to payback our honored veterans, and preserve the American way of life that I love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJA1990
    Now when I said fraternity, all I meant was group/family/organization.. Didnt mean to offend.
    Don't forget about our sister Marines! They have earned the title just as much as any other Marine! So fraternity does not accurately describe the Marine Corps. However, i check what your saying! Outstanding motivation pup, keep it up! Carry On!

    Semper Fi!

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