Pogey bait? other USMC word?
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    Pogey bait? other USMC word?

    Ever wonder what Pogy Bait is? how about Pollywog, swoop, WTFO? Words and phrases used throughout the Marine Corps are in the following link.

    I thought it was a sticky here but I can't recall, enjoy my poolee friends.


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    What? Snivel gear isn't listed?

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    Crap, I hate that 5 minute edit feature, I meant to type, "other USMC WORDS" with an "s"...my bad.

    E4B, I think the site says you can add words by emailing the guy.

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    This one really bothers me (Thank you Drill Instructor Sgt. Washington)

    A Marine’s garrison cover. Sometimes ****cover. The word was used extensively in the middle 20th Century, presently out of vogue due to a serious lack of political correctness. The etymology of the word is not known. One possible explanation comes from Kate Gladstone who says, "I have heard '****cutter' used by (elderly male) non-Marines to describe anything which has a sharp, spiffy-looking fold or edge or crease - e.g., a particularly well-made hat-brim, or an admirably crisp crease in a pair of pants." In the novel Shogun by James Clavell the word is used to refer to a harbor that was particularly difficult to navigate."

    Old naval ships used to have a urinal type basin that had a shape that resembled a garrison cover, that would "cut" your pee when you ****ed on it. Hence the name ****cutter, its naval background and why it ties into the Marine Corps. It really irritates me to hear it called a ****cover, but I thank Sgt. Washington for that.

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    You mean pi$$ cover Kyle?

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    haha, yes Sgt.

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    We used to still wear boondockers when I was in...am I dating myself? lol.

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    we called the pi$$ cutter a c*nt cap while in boot camp. Never liked or used that term, just pi$$ cutter...

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    "P!ss cutter" works for me! Never had to speak in a formal enough situation to call it anything else...

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    Seagoing Marine.
    The first mission of the Marine Corps. A Marine, trained at Sea School and assigned to the Marine Detachment on board ship. While most Marines at some time in their career will spend time on ship, only those Marines assigned as members of the ship’s compliment earn this title. The insignia of a seagoing Marine is a gold seahorse superimposed on a gold anchor within a crimson lozenge. In 1998 all Marine Detachments on board ships were disbanded, thus ending a tradition that dated to 1775 and the first duty of the Marine Corps. See USS Marine Association.
    So does that mean we won't get assigned to a ship or what? Or is it more along the lines of Marines really aren't a part of the vessel- they just ride on it? That doesn't really make sense.

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    I didn't know this thread was moved- I saw it in the Poolee Hall. my bad.

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    It was used and worn, mostly over seas. its real name was the Garrison cover. That's what was explained to me in 1971...

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