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    "Good morning Sir! Recruit dumbass requests permission to speak to Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Lebron!"


    "This recruit requests permission to make a head call, Sir!"

    "Well, call the head then, and make sure it hears you!!"

    "... HEEEAAADDDD!!"

    "Feel better?"

    "Yes Sir." *frown*

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    Don't piz in your trousers man. They really rag yer az then!

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    Hold it until the lights go out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindgame View Post
    One suggestion. The first time you go to the chow hall. Grab a bunch of napkins. I know while we where in forming, we didn't have any TP. And throughout training make sure you have some in your pockets. You never know when your Drill Instructors might take your TP away. Also. The building you go to for knowledge runs out of TP really quickly, so it might be hew of you to keep some on you.

    Yeah, we definitely used the cardboard role to wipe our asses many times. Just tear it apart along its seem in "sheets." That sucked.

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    Smile Alternate approaches to Head Calls.

    Quote Originally Posted by SGT7477 View Post
    Yes they have their own ways of dealing with the head,LMFAO.
    Couldn't resist this topic, Marines. What I'm fixin' to relate is one reason why my family tells me to just shut up & go away. As you might imagine, I live alone. **** calls are not going to get any easier as life progresses, I'm 77. But I've learned to handle the circumstances without any undue shame, though still manage to not be offensive in public (perhaps triflin' or sneaky). I drive a 1-ton and if you should happen to pass an old white man stopped on the roadside, in broad daylight, standing innocently looking behind a partially open door, it'll be old self calmly making a head call. Honk as you go on by. I find it neat and efficient to keep a handy paper cup on the dash, it prevents shoe splash & **** tracks on trousers legs plus you don't waste any time or fuel expense hunting up the 1st Div Head. (Girls, I find you all can do this just as efficiently.) Plus it's a better method of dispersing prime fertilizer on the grass, as urine & horses--t (a lot of both generated by Marines I remember) make the grass grow green. Perhaps Al Gore will take this up. Gung Ho, Gary Hall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT7477 View Post
    We wore utilities no cammies here.
    Have to agree with that, cammies sounds too freakin' doggie cute

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    Ok, first off, the drill instuctors aren't technically aloud to not give you a headcall because they can get into trouble with the higher. Of course, some of them won't let you time permitting. Never ask to make a headcall when your learning knowledge or doing something with your platoon such as drill, weapons maintenance or other things as such. The drill instructor will get ****ed and **** you up because he thinks your headcall is more important than what he's teaching you. Good times to go are during daily weapons maintenance, cleaning the squadbay, or free time. Always state the proper greeting of the day "Good morning, Sir." followed by "This recruite requests permission to speak to drill instructor hardass" After he acknowledges you, you then request permission to make a headcall. He will ask you if its an emergency (never ask to make an emergency headcall because their is no such thing.) and if you have to go that bad, he will make you turn on your sirens and double time to the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriotGirl422 View Post
    I never once requested a head call. I never asked the DIs anything actually. If I didn't know something, I'd just figure it out myself. I made head calls after lights out and when they told us to go. Luckily, my rack was right by the head so I'd always be able to get in there quickly when they gave us 30 seconds or so. I also never drank water either. I wouldn't suggest for any recruits not to drink water, but I firmly believe that your body learns to need what you give it. And I've never been big on drinking much of anything, so I think my body adapted. I could never drink much water.

    Poolee's if you would like a silver bullet (a.k.a a thermometric stuck up your a*s) then don't drink water. For those of you who that does not sound appealing to, you should drink or at least try to drink 12 to 14 canteens I never was able to drink more then 10 but I tried. Don't be afraid to ask for a head call if you need to make one, really whats the worst that can happen you get I.T'd or you **** yourself get made fun of and prob I.T'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally View Post
    Keep asking if they try to ignore you. Better be safe than sorry. I used to know this female that peed in her trousers as she ran into the middle of the pit for pugil sticks. I thought she had a canteen on her or something. Everyone saw, our DIs chewed her out. I can only imagine how embarassing that was for her.

    hahaha We had a girl that peed her self during baby days she got chewed out but what makes it worst is that she later became our guide and she peed herself again at the rifle range. lol Our SDI was ****ed, she got fired right then. "Are you ****in serious? A grown ****in woman ****in on herself like a child"

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    OH my, I never thought about those types of probs. Love my WM's but never seen a guy pee or crap himself at the range.

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    Just one thing. If you have to make a head call and you're not in the squadbay GO WITH A BUDDY! Seriously, we had one girl go by herself one time and she almost got dropped for it.

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    I don't know how they do it at Parris Island but when we were at the circles during grass week up at Pendleton there was a sand pit next to the porta-sh*tters. Anyone was free to make a head call except there was always a Drill Instructor waiting to slay them. My platoon's circle was the one closest to the heads so we could see all the games that the DIs played. Needless to say, none of us in my platoon ever made a head call during grass week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRHD72 View Post
    Don't piz in your trousers man. They really rag yer az then!

    haha ya I remember one night during third phase the fire alarm started going off in our squadbay at like 2 am (secretly I think the DI's were screwing with us, but they said it was a malfunction) so we all had to run outside in shower shoes and green on green and stand in formation outside. Well we had this one recruit in my platoon who was the guide until he peed himself. Well this night he just so happened to do it in formation. My best friend from bootcamp was standing next to him and this kid just started peeing down his leg and a puddle started forming underneath him (remember we were wearing shower shoes) so my buddy....who did not want to be standing in a puddle of someone elses urine took one step backwards. Our Drill hat came over and started yelling at him till he realized the kid standing in a puddle of ****. He then looked at my fellow recruit and said (and i will never forget this) "Any other day I would have just ****ed you up, but I would have moved away from this sick ****er too!" (then looking at the kid who made the puddle) "You remind me of a little chihuahua. First you stand there and shake and make all kinds of high pitched squeeky noises, then you **** all over everything. You make me sick!" That kid had firewatch every night after that so he could be sure to use the head at night and wash his cammies incase he did pee himself.

    When you get to boot camp dont be afraid to ask to use the head. The DI's are gonna yell at you anyway. Worse if you pee yourself. It is better to ask and have them make you look like an idiot (dancing around making siren noises) than peeing on yourself and making yourself look like an idiot.

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    This is actually one problem/issue I was curious about, and am glad it got asked. I have a small bladder, so I go 3-4-5+ times a day depending on how much I drink. If I drink a lot of water I'll be going all the time! I know I'll try to hold it, but my bladder fills quickly. If I'm drinking a lot, I'll have to pee every hour. Ut Oh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by polizei View Post
    This is actually one problem/issue I was curious about, and am glad it got asked. I have a small bladder, so I go 3-4-5+ times a day depending on how much I drink. If I drink a lot of water I'll be going all the time! I know I'll try to hold it, but my bladder fills quickly. If I'm drinking a lot, I'll have to pee every hour. Ut Oh...
    You might be ****ing in your pants.

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