Anyone who served with MABS-12 or MABS-15 Comm PLT 80-84!
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    Anyone who served with MABS-12 or MABS-15 Comm PLT 80-84!

    C'mon whether you were a wireman, radio op or Tech if you were with either of the Comm squadrons at Iwakuni from 80-84 sound off! I am in frequent contact with 2 guys now and can scare up aat least another pair with little effort lets get a whole pile together and tell cold war stories!

    SSGT Tope

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    I was in mabs 15 comm plt. from 80-84 in the wire section. my name is walter adkins i was a sgt when rotated out and was probably best known as "country"

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    are the any one there who was in mabs 15 wire section radio or tech shop who remember me

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    Hey Country! I was in MABS-12 then but remember you! Sgt Saurer lives here in Indy too. I was in contact with Susco but haven't heard from him for a couple years now....

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    great to see theres a way to talk to some folks from such a fun time in our lives who have you been able to connect with from those days

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    Most of the guys I've kept up with were with MABS-12 cause I was there from 81-84 I was in MABS 15 from late 79 to late 80. and I'm in contact with Lester Bravek who was with 15 from around 80-83 and Tony Saurer was there from around 80-83. Also in touch with Bob Barker who was at MABS-12 when I was at 15 in 79. I exchanged a couple of emails with Eugene Susco about 4yrs back and jeffery "Otis" Winters but haven't kept up with them. I have Gerry Berry's address but I'm not in email contact with him Iwakuni was really a great duty station with good deployments and shops the right size to have a nice tight unit. I served 4 of my 7 yrs there and don't regret a minute of it. I would really like to get in touch with Jim Miller who worked at the commcenter or Mike? Allagas who was a 2531 at Iwakuni then went to 2800 school and came back to Iwakuni.

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    I was with MABS-15 Comm from 1/83 to 1/84
    Cpl M G Mildrum

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    I don't recognize the name Cpl Mildrum but thanks for checking in. I was the Tech shop chief at MABS-12 during the latter part of your tour.

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