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    I joined to serve the US and to train and deploy all over the world.

    Semper Fi

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    I honestly just joined on a whim. I had just graduated from high school and I knew very little about the Marine Corps. My brother-in-law's cousin had just graduated from MCRD and he stopped by in his Chucks. Asked if I was interested in talking to a recruiter (he wanted to get that PFC). I said sure, why not?

    Went to the recruiter's office, first thing the SNOIC, SSgt (now GySgt) Casillas said to me was "If you're going to be just another sh*tbag you may as well get the f*ck out my office now!" Apparently the last couple of prospects he had seen had been just completely unsat, disrespectful and whatnot. Well, I didn't know what the hell a sh*tbag was, but I was certain I wasn't one of them. So I sat down and talked to him for about an hour, and I thought "Well, why the hell not? It's just four years, and none of the colleges I wanted accepted me anyway. I'll be 23 when I get out, still young and I'll have some military experience under my belt" So I joined up.

    Little did I know this decision would affect me for the rest of my life. I thank God as often as I can that I decided to embark on that journey and I am very proud to have served in our beloved Corps.

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    it was some time in the late 80's while i was watching G.I. joe.It was commercial time and i was gonna go and bother my mother(rip). While leaving the room they show a marine crawling, jumping and fighting this huge lava monster that even sgt.slaughter wouldve called the rest of the joes so the marine is giving this monster the buisness then he stands with his sword and did some quick close order drill while transforming into his dress blues and the barry white sounding guys saying "The Few,The Proud,The Marines." from that moment on i knew i wanted to "be all i can be" a Marine. OORAH

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    I joined for the working parties and for the Firewatch, for the Remedial PT and for the long cold wet nights in the field, I joined to do what no one else I know can even begin to comprehend, I joined to shoot and blow s#!t up, I joined so that September 11th never happens again, and the dress blues aren't too shabby either, but most of all I joined because everyone looks up to Marines, no one looks down on them and that's something I am and will be proud to tell my children and grandchildren.

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    Some people achieve greatness,others have it thrust upon them,then there are those that are born UNITED STATES MARINES..... Semper fi

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    I join the Marine Corp for the money not (lol) and the day off.....

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    USMC Silver Star Winner's New Book Trailer


    I have learned more about the Marines from this book:

    Below is a link to a Hollywood-style book trailer for "Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery," by Nick Popaditch with Mike Steere (Savas Beatie, October 1, 2008).


    Make sure you watch to the very end for a "special" photo message from "Gunny Pop" Nick. I know you will appreciate seeing him.

    Nick "Gunny Pop" Popaditch is a former marine Gunnery Sergeant, a Silver Star winner, a 15-year veteran of the USMC, and was widely known around the world as "The Cigar Marine:" (Google it.). His tanks captured Firdos "Saddam" square in April 2003 and pulled down the hated statue. Nick was severely wounded one year later with an RPG to the head, which was captured live by a media news crew. He had to fight his way through an incredible odyssey of turmoil, heartbreak, and bureaucracy to recover everything he had lost. His website is www.onceamarine.com.

    If you know anyone in the media who you think would be interested in interviewing "Gunny Pop," don't hesitate to call or email them and let them know.

    We appreciate your support of Nick and his family in any way you are able. The success of this book will open doors for this blind warrior, and hopefully provide revenue and success to someone who has sacrificed so much for his country.

    Thank you.

    Tammy Hall
    Sacramento, California

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    I got lost on the way to college...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtLuttrell View Post
    I got lost on the way to college...

    I stumbled into the wrong door on the way into my apartment after a wild drinking night.

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    Thumbs up Battle Cry made me join.

    X-mas 1971,I picked up a copy of Leon Uris' first book "Battle Cry."He describes his boot-camp experience at MCRD,San Diego in 1942.I couldn't believe what those recruits had to go through.I was amazed,to say the least,at what they accopmlished.As it all seemed impossible,I had to go there.As I was a foreign citizen living abroad,it took me 9 years and 4 months before I had all the neccessary documents to enlist only to find out I was too old.I was granted an age waiver and at the age of 30 I enlisted and went thru boot-camp at MCRD,SD.Best thing I ever did!Long live the Corps!

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    I joined because i was mean and ugly and there wasnt anybody else in the hood to beat on...Thats why i took up riding bulls. hahahaha Semper Fi

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    I was 9 yrs. old and my mother and I were visiting my uncle and his family, so he had his "Man Room" where kid's weren't allowed mostly 'cause he had a bunch of model cars and planes that he collected and built since he was a kid. anyway my cousin and I snuck in and I saw his Dress Blues hanging in the closet. When he caught us looking thru his room he beat our asses. I asked him about the uniform and he said "Look at it 'cause you'll never put it on" My mother and I left and I never saw my uncle again for almost 30yrs. when I saw him at the age of 36(my age) and told him why I became a Marine he said " There's a sucker born every minute" Now we're very close friends. BTW my other uncle was also a Marine so it kinda runs in the family I guess

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    Oh yeah,forgot!I also saw the 1957 French documentary "Les Marines" depicting boot-camp at Parris Island.35 years later I managed to get a copy of it!

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    I called the Navy recruiter in 76 and he was out to lunch literally.
    The Marine Corps Recruiter stayed at his post when the other armed service representative (recruiters) had taken off at noon for lunch. He dazzled me, and wowed me like a virgin on a first date. Next thing I woke up and my right hand was raised and I was saying "I do"

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    It was either the Corps or the circus.

    But after being in, the more I realize that the Corps is the circus.

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