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    The uniform hooked me in, and the perceived challenge reeled me in.

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    one day i woke up in Philadelphia at the age of 21 and realized i had nothing going for me. told my girlfriend at the time that i had to do something with myself and i was joining the military. went and talked to the Marine recruiter and pretty much recruited myself..lol. 2 months later went to bootcamp, 8 months later in Okinawa (Camp Courtney). best decision of my life, met some lifelong friends and my wife who i have two amazing children with!

    I will always be thankful that i joined because my path as that 21yr old in Philly didnt look to good, but the Marine Corps changed everything for the better. Did 5 and got out but it seems like everyday im thinking about all of the family i left in and it makes me want to go back. everything is so different in the CIVDIV... have to censor everything, nobody is dependable, and everyone complains about things that while i was deployed would have seemed like a slice of heaven!

    OORAH Marines, Nobody Better!

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    A former marine was recently kidnapped in mexico please take your time and sign this petition so the government will do something about it.

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    I remember thanks to the inspiration of my best friend who's currently in the Army, I acquired the dream of joining the military. For most of my childhood, I juggled between Army with my friend or going a step higher and joining the Marines. Then, when my Junior year of high school ended, I decided on Marines. It was my 17th birthday that summer, on a Wednesday, and my dad and I agreed to go to the recruiting office the following Thursday or Friday. But, by complete chance, a Marine recruiter and the SNCOIC of the RS showed up at my door that day. And that's where it all began.

    I came from a life of privilege. Grew up in a good family, living a care-free life all through my childhood. It made sense to want to serve. After 17 years of great childhood life, I wanted to give back. I had been served as a young boy, now I wanted *to* serve. That's about it.

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    I thought the Corps was the best place for training if I had to go to war I wanted the best training. As boot camp was winding down and they were testing us to see what MOS we were best suited for when I took a typing test they put me in an office and ended up as a chief legal clerk/court-reporter, you don't always get what you want but the Marine Corps always gets what they want. It was not a bad almost 5 years though, I had a good job and met a lot of different people from all over the world. In from August of 61 until May of 66.

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