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    I wanted to be the first kid on my block with a confirmed kill.

    seriously though, I just thought it would be hard. I wanted something that would challenge me , and something that would set me apart from the masses. I also figured Id probably be able to pull some ass wearing Dress Blues.

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    I was a freshman in high school sitting in detention when the teacher wheeled in a tv. She announced that the Gulf War had begun. The news anchor was talking and mentioned the Marine Corps and showed some Jarheads. No mention of the army.

    Over the next few years, I tossed around the idea of joining the armed forces. My uncle was an Army SF guy who served in Vietnam. He wanted me to join the Army and he would get me into Ranger school. I thought about it but told him that I wanted to earn my way. He understood and up to the day he died, he was happy with my decision.

    Fast forward to my senior year. We had only been in school for about a month. While staring out the window not listening to the teacher, I see this Dark Green Marine recruiter strutting up the front walk of the school. I think, "Fvck, that guy's bad @ss."

    I had already talked to the Navy recruiter and I had to go see him later that month. Since their offices were next to eachother, I stopped in to see the Marine recruiter. Inside was this big ass recruiter curling 2 45lb plates on each side of his ez curl bar. I didn't even hesitate and started the paperwork. The Navy recruiter was ****ed and later on my recruiter told me they were getting ready to go to the tree line to settle it.

    I told my mom I wanted to join and the Marine recruiter was coming over to talk to them. She hung the telephone up on me.

    I will never regret being a Marine. My only regret is not staying in but I wouldn't be a cop. It's helped me in so many ways. When I got hired on as a cop, my interview was about the Corps and a little about why they should hire me. Needless to say, I was hired.

    Now I just need to convince my wife that my 3 year old son WILL join when he is old enough.

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    I've been thinking about the corps for the past year and a half. The main reason for the hesitation is that I already have my path selected, I'm going to be a Police Officer.

    I still have not 100% made up my mind to join, but it is progressively leaning towards it. I feel as though it is something I need to do, it's something I want, and I want the title of a United States Marine. I'm currently 19 years old, in my first year of college. I have a good head on my shoulders and want to better improve myself. I also want the most experience I can yet, because a Police Officer is a very competitive job!

    I have one question for all you Marines - is MP limited to Active only? If I ever do join, I would go Reserve 100% at Parris Island, SC.


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    How could an MP not be active????? If ever you join,,,,,, Join the Army. Marines are Marines at birth,,,,, It's what they do.

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    I'm sorry, but I would not want to go Army. Marines are the best of the best, there is a reason there is a lower enlist number, and if I'm going to put my life on the line for this country, I damn well want to die as a Marine.


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    I was 11 years old at a 4H camp back home right after September 11th and the theme that year was something patriotic. But anyways we were standing in line to check in and then there were 3 Marines yelling and screaming at us. I loved every second of it. I remember one of the Marines had a NCO sword tattoo that went from his armpit all the way down to his ankle. But anyways after the camp was over I told my mom that one day I was going to be a Marine. That's one half of it...the other half was because people told me I couldn't do it.

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    I never thought about being a Marine till i was walking to school on a half day and was stoped by two white recruiter asking me if i wanted a ride to school. I told them F##k NO!!! Jump in a car with two white guys in uniform driving a goverment vehicle. I thought they were child molesters. I later saw them at school the next day and asked if they were the same guys that offered me a ride, they responded F##k NO!!! I went to bootcamp 4 months later.

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    I never had dreams of becoming a Marine as a kid. I never thought about the military at all, in fact. It wasn't until I guess March 2003 or so, I came home from work and saw some report about some soldiers taken prisoner. I remember thinking "I hope those military people come home safe." The next day I saw some bunk report about all of those soldiers being executed. One was a single mother with two kids. That hit home pretty hard as my mother had no help and had two kids. Anyway, I got p*ssed and started going off on one of my infamous rants, *****ing about how that's bullsh*t and I'm going to join now even though **I** may not make a difference, many people with the same goal definitely can. So a month later a Marine recruiter rescued me from my job at the local grocery store, stocking bread (awesome!), and brought me to the RSS. After filling out a bunch of paper work and setting a date to go to MEPS for the first time, I went home and told my mom and step dad. They were surprised, but supportive. I went and told my dad. He said "that's stupid! The governement doesn't care about soldiers! If you die, they'll find someone else to replace you!" Then he told me in the most elequent way a father can..."you're a smart kid. You're not tough. You'll never make it." Fast forward 7 months later, I came home claiming the Title. Then, I meet my daggon wife, get married, buy a house, and get out. I hope this story ends with me winning the lottery for enough to pay off the house and all these bills in the next few months. Re-enlisting will be SO much easier. But then again...why would a Marine want something to come easy??

    These were Deep Thoughts with Sgt Lawler

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    So, you fell for this,,,,,,
    So did a lot of us. Semper Fi.

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    You callin ME sir? Boot. LOL. Love ya, Marine. As I have said before,,,,,,, You were born a Marine.

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    Well, my mother always told me to be respectful to really old people...
    Thanks Sparkie, love you too bro.

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    Believe it or not, it was the fate of an Air Force guy that sent my ass to the nearest recruiter. My dad's life long best friend had a son who went to the Air Force academy....ended up flying Phantoms.He was shot down on November 9th ,1967. I was a mere lad of 16 and Vietnam was only a story I had seen on the news...I'd ask my dad if they had ever found Lance or heard from him,but I'd always get the same answer..."not yet". Well ,that wasn't good enough for me. Things were going much to slow. In April of 1969 this naive little 17 yr old joined the Corps in hope of going over seas to be able to search for our friend. Key word here is NAIVE! I've included a link to a story about my friend Lance Peter Sijan. I never got a chance to look for him.


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    I was brought up in front of the judge, unfornuately the same one I had seen on numberous occastions, and the said "this time you ******* fool, you really did it. I am going to give you hard time". He then offered me a deal, join the service, get the hell out of town, or go down the river. Right then and there I just knew I was born to be a military man.
    I tried to find the easiest service, I was told to NEVER , NEVER join the corps, or I would go to Leavenworth within 3 days.
    49 years later if that stupid ass judge was still alive, I would go kiss his ass.

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    It was always meant to be with me I guess. My Dad was a Marine Corps Pilot and I kindaa grew up in it. I had my rebelious streak that lasted a lot longer than most (26!!) I joined and stepped on the footprints on my 27th birthday.
    God knows what would have happened to me if I had not joined. The Corps has given me a life that I could have only dreamed of before.


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