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    Hey Rocky. Your pretty close to his show in Stamford CT. You should go for a tapeing. I'm sure he would get you in.

    Semper Fi!
    All Marine! All The Time!

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    Even cooler was seeing the bossman with a full 'goat'.

    Never heard of Mr Wilkos (sorry) but then again, Leprechauns don't get out much.

    Welcome aboard, nonetheless!

    Wonder how many incognito celebs we really DO have around here....?

    (I note also this thread originally dates to 2008! Way to bring back the dead ya'll LOL

    I weep for what this country is becoming, and fear for my children and grandchildren's future if any more democrats gain national office. We lose more and more freedoms every single day to creeping nannystatism and those who vote for Democrats only want to increase that. Anyone voting for a 'dem' is someone who likely wants to take everything YOU have worked for and mortgage your kids future as well.
    The Malignant Leprechaun

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    My nephews screwed up girlfriend and her family were on your show. I still haven't seen it but I believe you set em straight.

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    Hey Steve sorry but I forgot to say welcome aboard!!! Hope you have a good stay here and remember Once a Marine always a Marine Semper Fi Brother.

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    Welcome Aboard Steve. Wow Thats Great! Now We Need A Celeberty Corpsman Like Bill Cosby To Join Us.

    Semper Fi My Brother

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    Schaffer, were you Echo Company, series 2080, PISC from July-Oct 13,1989? Msgt Pitmann?

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