Anyone up this late?
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    Anyone up this late?

    Duty sucks ass. But at least my NCO is getting some good Zzz's.

    Anyone else up flipping the channels and drinking monsters to stay awake?


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    If you have a PS3 you can join me playing Call of Duty 4!

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    Nah, not cool enough for that (actually, the ops center has an endless supply of CNN and political review that is sucking the intelligence out of my brain).

    That and a horribly gimped internet (but I can get leatherneck.. heh.. cool).

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    I was gonna say, about 10 minutes there was quite a few in the chat. But looks like they've all boogied. Have a great night LT

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    Thanks. Chat doesn't work for me anyway. Damn NMCI.

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    Sounds like your loving life right about now, Sir.

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    Joyous. Thrilled. Estatic.

    Usually I read news sites to pass the time. But I've had enough time to read all the news (including the liberal opinion editorials.. Jet, you'd be proud), write a bunch of entries in the log, check the locks.. three times.

    I don't normally watch tv.. are all commercials this dumb.. or do they save it for the insomniacs because they know we're a trapped audience.

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    I was at P.I. around the same time as you Sir. Platoon 3065

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    I was at P.I. around the same time as you, Sir. Platoon 3065 kilo co

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    Nice I met another guy today from the platoon below me. He then proceeded to kick my butt during MCMAP training. Guess it didn't help he is almost 280lbs.

    What are you doing nowadays?

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    4302 Public Affairs. Pretty nice gig. I enjoy it.

    Hey, were you at Dam Neck for intel school?

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    Yes Sir I was. 0231 Dam Neck, Va
    instructor-Sgt Savage
    SSgt Bell, etc

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    Graduated 19, dec 97 Intel School

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    Hmm, did you ever meet a Keith Lancaster? He was in my boot company, shipped with me and went to Dam Neck around October I think.

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