Good read about Beirut Marines
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    Good read about Beirut Marines

    Hey fellow Leathernecks!
    I am reading a book, "24 Mau 1983" by Glenn E. Dolphin. He was a comm officer with BLT 1/8. Well written, interesting- a quick read. He gives a good picture of the Marine Corps of that period.
    Semper Fi,
    Eric Hood

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    Thanks. I hope that we get the card made by OG this year with a strong tribute to the 25th year anniversary of the terrorist attack. Hamas was the terrorist group.

    I will never forget that Sunday morning in Oct 83'....

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    Already read it. Outstanding read. You can't ask for a closer account.

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    Spent time with a Beirut Marine this weekend. He likes to reminisce about the Corps and always tells the story when he was headed back stateside from a Med cruise where he was to be discharged after his enlistment. Ships turned around and they (1/8) were headed to Beirut. He smoked about 2 packs of cigs when he heard the news. He remembers standing in the landing craft when a someone on the cargo net lost a grenade. Without hesitation another Marine picked up the grenade and tosssed it overboard. They landed on the beach to the stunned expression of all the sunbathers.

    This was in 1958 and that Marine has been my hero all my life. He's my father. Keep him in your prayers - he's battling Parkinson's Dementia now.

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    That indeed was a sad day in our history. I was with 22nd MAU and had completed a tour in Beirut and was headed back over to relieve 24th Mau when we got diverted to Grenada. The suicide bombing could have happened at anytime in Beirut, I was in that building everyday for chow and/or sick call, we were totally unprotected and let to blow in the wind until and after the bombing.

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