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    Can you Believe This?

    'Avoid wearing of uniform' general warns local soldiers

    Web Posted : 04/13/2003 12:00 AM

    "If possible, avoid wearing of the uniform when dining in public places."
    From a "Protective Measures Awareness" notice sent to San Antonio's U.S. Army personnel by Maj. Gen. Darrel R. Porr on Friday

    April 11, 2003, will be remembered as one of the saddest dates in Alamo City history.

    Because of recent instances of harassment of uniformed personnel, Porr, the commanding general at Fort Sam Houston, felt compelled to warn the men and women who serve under him to use caution when traveling, shopping and dining in San Antonio.

    "Two separate incidents against military personnel have occurred," Porr reported. "In the first incident, two males on the city's Northeast Side made threatening gestures and pounded on the car window of a drill sergeant and his spouse while they were on their way home.

    "The second incident involved two sailors, in uniform, who were accosted by several males who said, 'You'd better not go to war,' as they departed a River Walk restaurant."

    Porr provided this possible explanation for the hostile actions:

    "There has been a significant increase of demonstrations throughout the United States in opposition to the ongoing U.S.-led military operations in Iraq.

    "As individuals voice their opinions against military operations, they tend to direct their frustrations toward governmental and military symbols."

    On receiving a copy of the notice from an anonymous e-mailer, I called Fort Sam to ask for more details about the incidents, in general, and the harassers, in particular.

    A post spokesman indicated that more information was available, but declined "to go there."

    He then made a point of emphasizing:

    "Soldiers here in San Antonio have always proudly worn their uniform because of the support for the military.

    "Previously, there has never been any perceived threat. This is quite unusual.

    "Even during Vietnam, San Antonio was one community that supported the military forces.

    "That's one reason the general put that notice out ... because (such harassment) is so unusual in this community."

    The notice included cautions other than the warning not to wear uniforms when dining in San Antonio restaurants.

    Porr also recommended:

    "Be cognizant of people who gather and voice their sentiments against the military efforts in Iraq. Do not get involved."

    "When in public facilities, soldiers should avoid conversations related to work or military operations in general."

    "Always practice the 'Buddy System' when traveling."

    "When in uniform, minimize the number of stops when traveling from home to work or vice versa. Wear civilian clothing when possible."

    There you have it: San Antonio, Texas, anno Domini 2003, in all its un-glory.

    What's worse ...

    Community leaders continue to show pitifully little support for U.S. soldiers.

    Example in point:

    City officials have been mute as mice since troops entered Iraq. (The San Antonio City Council, which regularly passes resolutions honoring everything from the Dallas Cowboys to Hike and Bike Week, has deigned only to observe "a moment of silence" for the troops and their families.)

    Add to that palpable hush the rants of the town's Saddam Hussein apologists, and "Military City USA" can easily degenerate into a South Texas backwater, where men and women in uniform can't safely wear their uniforms in public.

    "Sad" hardly describes such a miserable state of affairs.

    Fortunately, all of the news surrounding the recent threats isn't dreary.

    One unofficial source I talked to said he had seen the police report of the incident on the River Walk, and he provided this description of the confrontation:

    "Some Marines who were nearby saw what was happening and went to the sailors' aid.

    "The matter was then taken care of by combined military action."

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    I can attest to your unofficial source, it was widely reported here in San Antonio the some Marines took care of the situation! Only wish I had been there to do my part!


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    I grew up in Laredo, TX which is about 150 miles SW of San Antonio. I'm sorry to hear SA has turned into a communist haven. The whole of South Texas, as I remember it, was Extremely patriotic. When one would sign into any military service, one was very appreciated and looked upon with great respect. I remember mothers and fathers talking about how "Their" son or daughter joined the ( military service ) with great pride and honor. I haven't been there in 14 years. I hope these situations are less the norm than the above article paints. Semper Fi and God Bless our troops. Dave

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    I truly believe that this was an isolated incident. San Antonio is in my opinion a very patriotic town. They have a Retired General who heads Military Relations on the Chamber of Commerce and actively seek to bring new Units to this town. The local news channels have been posting pictures and stories of Hometown Hero's since 9/11.

    There are two Retired Sgt's Major of the Marine Corps #11 and #12 who live just north of here in New Braunfels. I've met with Sgt Maj Sommers and Sgt Maj Overstreet since I moved here.

    And I can honestly say that on my ride to work in the morning I see no less than 5 - 10 Marine Corps stickers on car windows. And I also see Army, Navy and Air Force as well.

    I was honestly very shocked to hear the above story on the radio on my drive to work and the DJ's seemed just as shocked and outraged as I was.

    You can bet that the first Anti-War protester to step in front of my truck is going to be eating asphalt and rubber after his/her teeth fall off my grill!


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    OOH-RAH Gunny!!! That's what I'm used to hearing about Texas. I served under Sgt Maj Sommers. D@#$ good Marine. Semper Fi. Dave

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    I can understand, as a "guest" in a foreign country being asked/ordered to keep a low profile and not wear my uniform on liberty.

    I'd resent the hell out of being denied my uniform in MY country and particularly in my home town.

    I'd expect that response from an air farce general, it surprised me coming from an army general.

    But the best item in the article was:

    "Some Marines who were nearby saw what was happening and went to the sailors' aid.

    "The matter was then taken care of by combined military action."
    I had posted this before, and I think it fits here as well.

    In 1960, as a PFC, I was one of a detachment of Marines stationed at Squaw Valley preparing the ski slopes for the Winter Olympics. We were billeted at Stead AFB, in Reno and bussed to the Olympic Village.

    The air farce fellas at the base were full of helpful info. When coming back from liberty in Reno at night, there was an Airman's Corner, and if you stood there for about ten minutes you could usually catch a ride back the base. Warning: Don't be there on Friday or Saturday night, because the college kids from Sparks came and would stomp you into the ground for kicks.

    "Why don't you guys get together and do something about it?" "Duh?"

    It only took three ambushes for the college kids to learn that the Marines were in town.

    Ditto with a bar the air farce fellas were afraid to go in because it was a college hangout. We took it over and hung a sign in the window renaming it Tun's Tavern. We added a sign that past, present, and future Marines were invited to make it their home away from home.

    I wonder how many days it was after we left before the college kids took it back?

    That was my first experience with air farce fellas and it was just additional proof that I had made the right choice.

    Semper Fi

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    In Laredo, Texas I don't see this problem. They seem to take their pro and con on the local newspaper opinion page. As a whole, Laredo is very patriotic. Most of the local young men and women who join the service join the U.S. Marines. I dare say, Laredo is a MARINE town. The local newspaper published the pictures of this town's yound men and women who were serving in Iraq. There were forty-four (44) pictures and twenty-two (22) were Marines. Laredo also has a local high schools with a Marine ROTC, Army and Air Force, but on parades, the MARINE ROTC look sharper. I guess I am bias. I once talk to the local Marine recruiter and ask him if there were lots of young men and women who join the USMC. He informed yes, and those that did not pass the test, were referred to the Army, Air Force or Navy. They have lower standard. I kind of doubt it but that what he said.

    Maybe, we experience MARINE should get together and go help out when there is trouble.

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    Hey lstSgtMike:

    You stated the following: "Some Marines who were nearby and saw what was happening and went to sailor's aid." FirstSgtMike, this say it all, We are the Navy's Men Department.

    The navy is also the Marine Transportation Department.

    Have a nice day.

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    Roberto, That's exactly what I remember Laredo being like, a Marine town. I attended United High School from 85-88, then my dad got a job here in Louisiana. I wasn't bothered by moving just before my senior year then, but now I wish I could have graduated from UISD instead of here. Laredo was/is a place of fighting and honor. Glad to hear some things stay the same. Semper Fi Dave

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    No problem such as that in San Angelo Texas. Goodfellow AFB is here, a small security, communications ,encrypto type training facility for all the services, plus avaition firefighting school. A small ssized base, but there's a lot of trainees. I see uniformed members of all 4 branches all over town every day, driving, walking & at restraunts. We're a small city, but have already had a few casualties among our service members. Flags & ribbons all over town. We are planning a heck of a blow out this year for our 4th of July celebration, with an emphasis on support of the troops. There was one small candlelight protest at the courthouse, a couple weeks before the war started, Angelo State students-nothing heard of em since.

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    Hey Virwar

    Guess what? If you remember where the Holiday Inn off IH 35 close to the Park/Sanchez exit, there is big billboard and they place a U.S. Marine Corps ad on both side. You see it going south and going north of IH 35. Tell more about it later as to what it says. I just caught a look going north on IH 35. I think it said something like thank you for your service in Iraq.

    If you like, e-mail me.

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    Sounds motivating as he11 to me. I think that is the exit that takes you to Martin High School and Favarrato's restaurant isn't it? It's been three years since my last visit. I still crave the panchos over at El Tio Hut on Calton Rd. and Charle Corona's on San Bernardo. Seems like Laredo doubled in size since I left there. Semper Fi. Dave

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    Yes, you got it right. Laredo has been growing a lot lately. Laredo has about 10 or more subdivision for new housing right now. Laredo is a booming town. It has grown a lot. With the new loop 10, the traffic is even better.

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