1846: California; Lt Gillespie USMC arrives in Monterey, and delivers secret instructions to the American consul.

1849: Okinawa; Marines were on board the Sloop Preble when she became the first U.S. war ship to visit Okinawa.

1898: Force Structure; Commandant Heywood directs Lt Col Robert W. Huntington to form a unit for overseas service from East Coast barracks establishments.

1943: Aleutians; Part of VMO-155 goes on board Nassau (CVE-16) t0 participate in reconquest of Attu.

1953: Korea; In a planned effort, Mag-12 and Mag-33 complete a total of 262 sorties in this 24-hour period. The two jet squadrons of Mag-33 set records for sorties flown and ordnance dropped. The 30 pilots and 23 planes of VMF-115 tally 114 sorties and expend 120 tons of bombs.

1969: Technology; The Marine Corps receives its first 175mm self-propelled guns in Vietnam, to replace its 155mm self-propelled guns.