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    Was stationed here 1956-1957,stood all the gates,would like to hear from anybody stationed here during this period

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    (Sorry, was on wrong thread)

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    I was at MB NorVa 7/74-11/76. Served as Barracks Adjutant and GO, AFSC. Updates on a couple of officers, Jerry Humble retired as a Major General, Rick Duvall is retired in MI-He's the one who had the Austin Healy. Chuck Armstrong died in 2011 in Texas-brain cancer as I understand. Col Al Ruggiero is living in VA and is in his late 80s. Spoke to him last winter and he sounded great.
    David Decker

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    Hello, I was in the Barracks from 76-79. LtCol Chuck passed away 3 years ago. Do you remember Arty Brown?
    Semper Fi
    MSgt Pembroke

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    Hello Sir, I was in the Barracks from 76-79 before shipping out to the Rock with the 9th Marines. I was in contact with the LtCol for a couple of years before his passing in 2011. I have maintained contact with Gunny Wass and several others over the course of the years. I ran into LtCol Mike O'Boyle while on active duty in Desert Storm.
    Semper Fidelis
    Denis MSgt ret

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    LtCol drove a camo camero

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    Sorry, I don't recall Arty Brown. I left MB NorVa, Dec '76 so maybe we passed in the night! O'Boyle and Wass must have been after my time as those names don't ring a bell. Chuck was an entertaining character and yes, he drove the Camaro. We crossed paths at 29 Palms in early '79 when he was a Co Commander w/some 2nd MarDiv battalion and I was the CO of an artillery battery. We shot for his battalion and I think everyone learned something. Hope all is well with you. Best regards and Semper Fi,

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    Happy 239th Birthday to all the Marines of Marine Barracks, Norfolk.

    Semper Fi,

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    Nice to see you're still above deck Lt.Decker! Thanks for saving my ass from Gunny Ski in Dec '75! Semper Fi!

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    Nice to see you're still above deck Lt.Decker! Thanks for saving my ass from Gunny Ski in Dec '75!

    If you haven't joined our group on FB yet please do so here;
    Semper Fi!

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    Hello Smitty, Glad to see ur still here! Hows the weather up north? Ive been off the grid for a while traveling on the bike. Ill surface soon
    Semper Fidelis Happy Birthday

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    Glad to see you too DJ. Weather up here is mild for the moment.....which way you headed....I just might join up with you if it gets too cold here.

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    DJ , join our FB group please. Good to hook up with these Marines from our past.....Semper Fi!

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    Not sure what I did to bail you out but I'm glad I could help. Give me a call and explain. I'm in Boise. If you Google David g. D... I'm easily traced.


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