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    Quote Originally Posted by crandall1967 View Post
    Great pics. I was stationed there from 1986-1988 Room mates were Ron Reed, Douggy Fresh and Sinclair.
    I know you!!! It's me Fitz! Remember Chuck Johnson?

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    I do remember you fitz. look me up on face book. Dan Crandall from Homer, Michigan. and message me.

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    I would but I don't have a facebook account. I deactivated it. I'm on google+ now. Sorry. If you have one look me up. It's Al Fitzgerald.
    Also Chuck Johnson is on facebook plus Marine Barracks just had a reunion in San Diego but I wasn't able to go.
    Last I knew Dougy fresh only lives like 20 minutes away from me. Haven't seen him in several years though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macgerailt View Post
    Here are some Pictures I took in 1985 of Marine Barracks in Norfolk VA.
    This would soon become the home base for FAST company.
    God that brought back tons of memories. We stayed there in between when our ships were dry docked and did P.T. all the time with Fast Company. I actually almost did a re-enlistment package because fast company wanted me thanks to my 1st Sgt in the Mar-Det but I didn't want to spend my entire enlistment in Virginia since it's where I grew up. I had the California fever. Looking back on it I wish I would have wen't to Fast. That was a neat cozy little station and about an hour and a half from my hometown. What did they do knock it down and rebuild it?

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    hahaha one of you said very good "pitchers" mean "pictures" must have been thinking of the awesome little "MARBAR" out back just above the old BARBER SHOP...that little separate building in the front was an awesome little weight room also...worked out there plenty.

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    I think the place is still standing. LOL. Marbar brings back a lot of memories. Launch off point to Virginia beach.

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    First duty station out of boot camp.

    Norfolk Naval Correctional Facility, Marine Barracks Norfolk.
    Dec 75 to 77, brig went to the Navy
    Then I waved gates till I left in 78.
    Mos was dropped and I was put in the Chemical Corp as an NBC Specialist.
    Does any one remember a Cpt. Chuck Armstrong? I think back then he had pull up record of 125 with out dropping off.

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    If at all possible ,please identify yourself for those who knew you when. No need to include any classified info, just say hello.


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    Does any one have pics or video of pulling colors at AFSC 74-75?


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    Stationed there in 1954 after return from Korea. Duty as Sgt, of the Guard. Had some real dust-ups with drunk swabbies coming back off liberty in Nfolk. Went from there to embassy duty in Germany. I remember Captain Dorsa, a real fine officer and gentleman.

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    stationed there from 1957 to 1958 stood duty at all gates had a ball harrasing silors going out on weekend pass

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    Smile MARBKS, Norfolk

    As the sergeant of the guard, I used to take my post at the main gate, where the action was. One of my best Marines on duty was a cook who volunteered to help at the main gate. His specialty was kicking the **** of sailors

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    Gate 2 was the gate to be on. Many of memories of action out there. Never boring. Haven't been there in about 25 years so not sure who does the guard duty now.

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    gate duty

    You probably stood duty at sewells point,fleet landing, and gates 3&4 at the nas as I did,also I was back in Norfolk 2 weeks ago and drove own Hampton Blvdby the the main gate and it was all blocked off also sewells point gate is completely gone as is the fleet landing gate,and now the base police man all gates now.

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