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    Wow.....that's actually now the building where MCSF Battalion is headquarted. No longer a barracks, it's now where the Battalion Staff, Battalion SgtMaj and Battalion CO have their offices. The bottom floor is where the Battalion CONAD/Admin is located. I used to go there every day when I was with 3rd FAST in '06-'07. 3rd and 1st FAST now share the barracks on Camp Allen outside of the Naval Station. I don't know what that building in front of the Battalion building used to be but it's now an MCCS gym.

    Even though those pics are from two decades before I was there, these pics still brought back memories. Thank you.

    Unless it has changed in the last yr or so, it is still considered a barracks. There are Marines that live on the upper floor.

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    Here are a few more I dug up.

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    I was at Marine Barracks Norfolk from 1959 to 1961. I spent one year at Mainside and the second year at Armed Forces Staff College.

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    Welcome Jack!... You predate me considerably (73-75 at the barracks) but I bet things were similar for a Marine on duty there. I saw on MarineCorpsMike's post that he even went did 6 months in the Azores compound. Both Andy (also posted here) and myself went to the Azores, although they closed the AUW compound a month after I arrived. I'd love to visit the place. Lot of memories there. Even met my son's mother there at the AFSC compound, a Marine Corps Colonel's daughter. You could say I departed for Pendleton with more gear than I came with. :-)

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    Marine Barracks Norfolk

    I was stationed there from 1980-1982. Funny thing was in headquarters I was a carpenter, barracks locksmith. I remember playing softball on that field. We had a great team...kicked some Navy ass. I wish I could find some of the old boys from the shop. I wonder if the trophy cabinet is still in the main hallway. I did have a part in building it.
    Frank Rotundo
    Sgt 77-82

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    The Sunset parade were unbelievably

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    These are great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    i was at marine barracks 28,cinclant,did duty inside the wire from 1982-84. i remember playing b-ball and lifting weights inside that gym,eating in the chow hall,getting my haircut below the barracks, and getting **** faced and eating the best damn burgers at that time in the mar-bar,wow i sure miss those days now, thanks for the pix devil dog!

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    That is AWESOME. My father is 1st Sgt Casler (ret) now and I have one of those pics, exact same! I joined and was in FAST at Camp Allen. Remember "MAMA SAN" ? She was there in 1997 when I got to FAST. Still fixing cammies.

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    Brings back many great memories.
    Sent PM to you Maddog

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    Marine Barracks Norfolk

    Pics of a Retire .....just can't remember the Officer's name tho.....sorry.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I was stationed at the Barracks from 1959 to 1961

    My first year there was at mainside and my second year was at Armed Forces Staff College in the Marine Security detachment. I've got a lot of good memories of my time in Norfolk. Spent many off duty nights at the Fleet Landing Restaurant just outside of Gate 2. Found that Virginia Beach was a great place to go as, back then, it was mostly beach cottages where it wasn't hard to find a beach party any night of the week. I was shattered when I got manditory orders to Camp Lejeune. I ended up heading up to Norfolk on liberty weekends fairly often.

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    Thumbs up

    Great pics. I was stationed there from 1986-1988 Room mates were Ron Reed, Douggy Fresh and Sinclair.

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    Zoolander, I could tell you some good stories about your old pappy... but then again he'd probably kill me. Sure enjoyed my time there with him. He left for Canine duty, in Turkey I believe, and I was there another year or so. He took his job seriously but knew how to have fun. Still enjoy emails from him today. Semper Fi to you Brother! Bet he's proud to have a Marine for a son.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoolander03 View Post
    That is AWESOME. My father is 1st Sgt Casler (ret) now and I have one of those pics, exact same! I joined and was in FAST at Camp Allen. Remember "MAMA SAN" ? She was there in 1997 when I got to FAST. Still fixing cammies.

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    I was in Norfolk in March of '87 to process out of the Corps. Spent two weeks there being treated like crap until the Sgt there asked me what they were discharging me for. I told him I was at EAS and was going on to the police academy. Apparently, they put me in with the wrong group of Marines and I was in a holding company for dishonorables by mistake. In that two weeks we policed the grinder twice a day, walked fire watch around the clock, and were in a constant state fo field-daying the barracks. When they realized their mistake I just told them I was fine where I was and would stay there until it was time to leave. I remember a Marine by the name of Goodnight, but that's about it...oh, and the MarBar.....

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