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    Yes, and remember downing the beers up in the bar before going out to kick some sailors asses! I really had a good times while TAD at the rifle range on Damneck base. Hope all's going well with you!

    Semper Fi

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    Tony there is also a Marine Barracks Norfolk Facebook page I chatted with Dennis over there. I drove him home before he went over to Oki. I was the other Boston kid. You helped me qualify Expert on the Pistol Couldn't get past sharpshooter on the rifle. Sorry about the s at the end. When you put the AUW Dam Neck thing up I remembered you been almost 40 years

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    Gunny Dombrowski?
    I bought his green four door Renault.

    Damn, the memories.

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    Tony damn Cheek! How ya doing Brother? Long time. Still alive?

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    I'm wracking my brain Durant and I can't picture you. It's Vick, AUW. Remember Feb 23 1977 behind the wire? Scott&Scudder?

    Hope all is well. and by the way, can't we put up Pvt Timothy G Scudder as a lost Brother. I remember having beers with his Dad, Leslie in the MarBar. And just so you know Pfc.Milton R Scott was sentenced to 30 hard but was released in 92. Living in Antioch Tn.

    Leave a note at Scudders gravesite on

    Semper Fidelis

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    Vick I remember you. I got to the barracks right after the Scott/Scudder murder happened and had never met either one of them. We were behind the Wire together and Dombrowski punished me once by giving me 30 days behind the wire. I was nodding on post. It never happened again. I saw where Leslie passed away in 2007 Check out Marine Barracks Norfolk VA page on Facebook House, Vaught, Martin, Boyd, Himes and others are there

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    Now I got it. Damn! Long time. I'm not on FB but I'll see about getting on it.

    The 30 day deal with Gunny Ski tripped the brain pan. 30 days in. That kind of thing sucked arse.

    Thanks for the reply brother, I'll be in touch.

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    Marine Barracks, Norfolk VA June 12 2017

    Not sure if anyone is aware, but they are getting ready to tear down MB-28 this summer. The attached photo's are from today (6/12/17). I have about 15 more pictures but for whatever reason I couldn't get them to upload and some loaded upside down. The place looks awful. All those hours I spent police calling the grounds and field daying the barracks, broke my heart. Anyways, if anyone wants the other pictures I have just email me at

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Wow that's sad to hear.

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    Was there in 1984/86 Loved every minute of it. Now work for the VA and work with a guy who was there when I was, he is now a retired Gunny, imagine that!

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