Right side only?
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    Right side only?

    Did Marines at one point wear chervons only on the right sleeve? Maybe in WWI?
    Semper Fi,

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    Yes, from time to time Marines only wore one chevron, including for a time during WWII as a 'war economy' measure.

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    Times were that tough? Dang

    A whole generation going through lean years. Try telling that to the XBox kids at the mall texting their friends.

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    LOL. Yeah, no kidding.

    That wasn't the only 'war economy' measure. Plastic buttons replaced the metal and brass buttons, and Plastic EGA's replaced brass EGA's, no dress blues issue except for recruiters, the elimination of the leather belt (saved brass and leather).....now, this didn't last the entire war mind you, but from the period of 1942-1944 (approximately).

    The army did similar things, plastic buttons, 'unit' issues of overcoats and uniforms (at least the Marine Corps wasn't that bad..but yes, the Army re-issued the heavy winter overcoat and did, in fact, re-issue their version of the Alpha blouse).

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    One could write a book about the variations and changes of the Marines' uniforms... in fact there probablt is.

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    VERY true. Many folks have. There is no one 'comprehensive' volume, though. Imagine how big it would be!

    Look at all those chevron varients just since the 1900's.

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    The buttons design is the same since 1775 is it not?

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    You got me on that one. Off the cuff, I'd say no, they've changed back and forth (much like the emblem has). I know they have been the same button since WWI at minimum.

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    Thank you, Sgt. Leprechan.
    Semper Fi,

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    Your welcome! I'll try and dig up some 'single side' wearing chevrons Marines in photos or uniform pics and post em.

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    Moved a question to start a new thread.

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    While I haven't been able to find a photo of Marines wearing these, this is an example of a 'single side' USMC chevron. I believe these date from the 1870's or so. One BIG chevron LOL. Wait til you see the 1stSgt and SgtMaj...

    Pic courtesy of HHBooker of the US Militaria forums website. More pics posted under the 'chevrons' reference section.

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    If you are looking for a book, on WWII anyways, I would look up USMC Uniforms and Equipment 1941-1945. It is roughly $40 dollars at Barnes and Noble. Has every and anything you'd ever want to know about the uniforms and equipment of the USMC in the second world war.

    I used to have a picture of a Marine from WWII only wearing chevorons on the left side. If I find it I'll post it up.

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    Osprey publishing has a few books on the USMC. They cover uniforms and weaponry.

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    The better books are:

    "Grunt Gear" by Alex Tulkoff. Available from Amazon for 80.00

    "USMC Uniforms and Equipment" by Bruno Alberti. Available from Amazon for 25.05

    "United States Marine Corps: Uniforms, Insignia and personal items of WWII" by Harlan Glenn. Available from Amazon for 58.10.

    I own Grunt Gear and the Glenn book. If you are serious about WWII USMC collecting, these are "must have" books.

    Osprey books are good general reference works but the above two I own go into far greater detail and depth.

    I can't speak for the Alberti book, don't have that one yet. I've heard good things about it though.

    Grunt Gear was out of print for a while and was selling for well over 100 bucks. 80 bucks is a bargain for what you are getting on both of these books, they are heavy, full of photos and information, and would be good 'coffee table' books in their own right.

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