It seems my son....
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    Thumbs up It seems my son....

    Alex has changed his major in school. He was majoring in history to become a history teacher. But it seems the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has a large office in Grand Junction and they were doing some recruiting at the university, and my son signed up, changing his major to criminal justice.

    SF, Preacher

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    He might want to pick up a dual major, or a minor in something else. Have him go to the CBI site and do some research so that he can cross train, say in Computer Security, that way he has options on where he goes in the CBI.

    I myself have a CJ degree and I have to say that they are a dime-a-dozen. Unless you are hell-bent for destruction to go into Law enforcement, which I was before the Corps, then it is good to have a diverse background to start. He can specialize ince he gets into a career field that he wants to run long term with.

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    Congrat's Dad!

    Best of Luck to Your Son...


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    Go get'em Alex

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    OB MSG is dead on. CJ degrees are common as plastic grocery bags. I'd actually tell him to keep his major in History and minor in CJ if that is the way he wants to go.

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