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    Matt - you're such a DOOFUS!

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    Besides spelling....whats the difference between doofus and dumbazz?

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    Doofus---Mentally slow.

    Dumbass---Stupidity to the extent of self destruction. I.E, Well Done.LOL

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    Been there, done that, suffered through it and made it to work each and every day I was supposed to be there...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by sscjoe View Post
    1976 Blacks Beach Torrey Pines. Thank God I stayed on my stomach. No NJP just reported for duty.
    Did you just stay you went to blacks beach and stayed on your stomach the whole time?

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    Uh.. this thread is 4 years old....

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    Ever hear " ignore the pain"

    Buck up Bucky
    You're in a Marine world now
    Learn from your errors- I try to learn this way daily----

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