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    (This thread was separated from the Welcome section...and edited for punctuation....Leprechaun)

    If the Hq of a higher Command receives an award do the subordinate units also receive that award?

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    Imho ...

    If you were an ACTIVE member of the unit earning the award, then you rate the award. Not sure if it would fit into a HEADQUARTERS ONLY unit, but if you actively participated.

    October '79, 3/6 went to GitMo to rebuild the fortifications. I was weapons company. 3/6 got the NMUC for the op, (after my EAS) and I had my DD214 upgraded to to show it, along with the Sea Service award, which was made retroactive back to '74.

    Maby a good forum to post the SR180 (?? I think) form for a review of 214s.
    Took @ 6 months.

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    To answer the question more fully....

    The easiest way to explain it is this way:

    A Marine is assigned to 1/6, Weapons Company. 1/6 is then tasked to the 24th MEU for a Med float. While in the Med, the 24th MEU earns the Navy Unit Commendation (NUC). Because 1/6 is part of the 24th MEU, 1/6 is considered a subordinate unit, and thus rates the NUC.

    The same thing works with any unit. As long as the individual Marine is assigned to the unit that falls under the award criteria, the Marine rates the award.

    To delve into this a tad further, say that the 2nd Marine Division during this same time period that 1/6 is assigned to the MEU, gets awarded the MUC (Meritorious Unit Citation). 1/6 'technically' is assigned to 2nd MarDiv, right? So, would they rate the MUC as well? The initial answer is "No", because they were detached from 2nd MarDiv at the time of the award. However.....(there is ALWAYS a 'however' when it comes to awards...)...if the award time period for the MUC is before 1/6 was detached to the MEU...or after they were returned to 2nd MarDiv, then they rate the award. Even if that time period is only one day.

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    I was in a unit (company level) that was awarded the JMUC. The whole battalion didn't get it. 1st Mar Div didn't get it. Just that company. I was of the type that didn't want the dam thing .... now I gotta go buy a new ribbon bar.

    Anyway was on a ship that earned the battle E and all on board were awarded it. What did we do? Clean rifles, run PT on the flight deck, play cards and stand in line for chow. Here's your ribbon ... good job

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    question on how to verify a MUC

    I was stationed at NAS North Island, Marine security forces there and latter on during my time in the reserves, some 4 years or so after I left North Island, I was told I rated to ware the MUC ribbon becuse my unit (security forces) was awarded the citation for a time period that I was there.
    now that I'm working on getting back on active duty, i'm trying to verify whithout a doubt that I do in fact rate this. its not in my OMPF and I cant find any doucmentation that would verify one way or another.
    anybody know how I could verify this or not?

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    The only record I can locate for North Island NAS Security Forces is a MUC from 1995-1997.

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    thanks Sgt Leprechaun,
    can you share that record with me (or point me to it) that time frame covers my time in NAS SF (94-96)

    thanks again for your post

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    It's in the NAVMC 2922.

    Glad to be of help!

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    very, very helpful, thank you for the pointer on the sticky posting as well.

    hate to keep digging for info, do they make the actual citiation available online anyway for the line items listed in the NAVMC 2922

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    Can do. No, the citations for awards have to be gotten direct from HQMC.

    You might, however, try contacting the old Marine Barracks, they may have a copy of it.

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