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    you need 30 days on active duty in the fleet... sorry reserves don't count, nor does your training.

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    Correct. You need the 30 days either in the Fleet or on some other mission, other than reserves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Leprechaun View Post
    Correct. You need the 30 days either in the Fleet or on some other mission, other than reserves.
    Well, since 50% or so of the total Force in the sandbox and Afghan is Reserves or Guards, what you got to say about that?

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    yeah all of our boots have it

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    if they are wearing it before the 30 days, it's probably because they were informed of the wrong verbage... it happens, I've done stuff like that personally.... I feel dumb when it happens.

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    There are a couple of Sergeants in my unit and we are reserves and they were wearing it at the ball, and I know they haven't been active duty, what gives?

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    were they activated at all?

    if they were mobilized I'm sure they'll rate that.

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    For reserves it's basically, if you've either been activated for a support mission relating to GWOT, (Operation Noble Eagle, for example) OR, your unit decides that you have contributed to GWOT enough to rate the medal.

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    Medal looks good

    like the look of that Metal

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    GWTS Medal.

    Quote Originally Posted by itzs4m View Post
    As a reserve will I also be able to be awarded the GWTS medal? If so, how will I be eligible to receive it? Any information will be helpful thanks.
    As stated by someone else before, go to this site to check to see if you are eligible:

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    I do know that if those Sgts went to a MOS school or advanced course rather... that they'd have been augmented to active duty... and I think that might qualify them... but ADOS does not count as orders in support of the GWOT.

    they could have done a work-up on ADOS and somehow fought for it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner0331 View Post
    yeah all of our boots have it
    I got out in 2003, didn't receive my GWOTSM until 2007. There may be some that consider this an insignifigant medal. In my eyes im damn proud to have it, along with my NDSM. The sad thing is I never got the chance to wear it on my uniform. Semper Fi

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    What form is needed for the DD214 correction for non-AD

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    I know I'm a bit out of place in this topic, but would 0352 qualify for this?

    After reading the second page, I see it says some reserve units get it and some don't. What would be the actual qualifications to say they did "enough"?

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