MOS 0331 (Machine Gunner)
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    MOS 0331 (Machine Gunner)

    This is similiar to a question previously asked, so I apologize but it is slightly more specific.

    Since my contract is signed as a 0331 Reserve, I was told that I was a going to be a machine gunner.

    But my question is bascially what does this mean?
    Does this mean that I will be a heavy machine gunner like support in a mechanized division, or operating a SAW in a fire team.

    Since this MOS is an 03 it means it infantry but If other 0331's are going to be operating SAW's then whats the difference. Thank you for your answers and information.


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    So basically after furhter research I will be operating weapons such as the 50 caliber and Automatic grenade launcher. Does this entail that I will be assigned to a mechanized unit, or an infantry platoon?

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    Either one is a possibility. If your in Weapons Company you'll be riding around in humvees with your machine gun on top. If your in a line company you'll be patrolling down the streets with that 240 in your arms. But not every 0331 is actually shooting the machine gun. Some are using rifles and doing more 0311 type things. There are different billets (jobs) inside of a machine gun section. Unless you have the Gunner billet you won't be shooting the machine gun very much. Your more there for support of your Gunner or in worst cases taking his place if he becomes unable to shoot. Hope this helps you out.

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    Yes it does a lot, I have read those descriptions on line over and over again but you put it into a context that it more appropriate. So between weapons compnay and a line compnay I would either be in a vehicle or on the street. In the case of having my weapon mounted would that be the only weapon I operate or would there be an M16-A2 or sidearm issued?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sway
    Yes it does a lot, I have read those descriptions on line over and over again but you put it into a context that it more appropriate. So between weapons compnay and a line compnay I would either be in a vehicle or on the street. In the case of having my weapon mounted would that be the only weapon I operate or would there be an M16-A2 or sidearm issued?
    Usually a gunner would have a M9 (9mm) as his secondary, but as far as I know they're only getting used by SNCO and Officers now. And that's the case with M4's with a lot of battalions now also. You should never have an A2 in the fleet. You should have an A4 with an ACOG to help you identify possibly IEDS or other threats. So if your a reservist you may have an A2 until you get activated and then you may get issued an A4. Forgive me for my ignorance on the subject with reserves. I haven't been a Reservist so it is hard for me to give you a solid answer that is correct.

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    Your answers have helped immensley, thank you Marine. That is interesting how they have switched those weapons and mostly CO's have them now. I will have to read into the ACOG becase I am not familiar with that.

    Thank you very much


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    thanks a lot!

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    as 0331 you will go to soi as such. upon graduating you will be like previously stated be put into a weapons company which is mainly heavy guns 50 cal mk-19. or go to a line company like i was in. you start as an ammo man and carry ammo and the spare barrel with an m-16 a4. then move up to gunner so you carry the m240g with an m-9. however they are trying to replace the m-9 with a m-16 m4 as a backup. then you will be a team leader and go back to a m16-a4. i carried m-9 as a backup the 240g as a primary and m-16a2 for unit had to support itself so we stood in the turrets with a heavy gun then when we reached our temporary fob we would do foot patrolls with the 240. its a great mos that i loved very much

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    It makes me really happy that you enjoyed it. Being foolish (which I find out every day the extent to which I am, maybe that meand I am growing up?) I had a slightly altered percpeption of what an 0331 was, and my recruiter might have also led me slighlty astray with this.

    It sounds fantastic though and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I am going reserve which is why I was able to pick it (as you already know), being a college student I hope to get into PLC or OCS.

    Did you find your self (being in a line company) pretty much attached to the Humvee or what ever APC was designated to your unit? Would you detach your weapon and take it on patrol?

    Thank you for your answer

    Tim Robbins

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    If you are on patrol on foot, most likely an M16 or a M240.

    Sounds like you are with the heavier guns if you get a .50 cal. Most likely use is on a HMMVV mount or a fixed post protecting something. It is unlikely you will be wandering the street with 75+lbs of machine gun, parts and ammo. Very unlikely. The M240 is only 25 lbs and can be employed quickly, where as a Ma Deuce (the 50 cal) or a Mk-19 cannot exactly be fired from the hip...despite what the movies show.

    I lugged a SAW for my first two years, moved to a 0331 Section in my last two with a M240, but the big toys are better in my opinion.

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    Haha yeah, from what I understand Rambo is semi retired. If I am in a wepaons company is it still the basic chance between being in a locked position (heavy) or on patroll or with a SAW, or would I only be on a patrol in a line company? (Given that in a combat zone, I'm sure job descriptions tend to "blend")

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    My mind is a bit slow tonight and your question is a bit confusing maybe.

    A SAW would be issued to someone in a line company (Infantry platoon, one per fire team, 3 per squad). They act as a mini-machine gun team. When I went to Division schools for Machine guns, we didn't even cover the SAW in detail...except to acknowledge it as a small machine gun.

    The M240 has more mobility and can be packed on one's back, and your team helps you carry gear (tripod, accessories bag, ammunition). Technically you can use it from the bipod to counteract an attach and these are being mounted on HMMVVs, Helos, etc to take the place of the M-60s.

    The 50 Cal can be carried, but it usually only done for set ups, forced marches (humps) , gun competitions, etc. You will definitely get tiime to carry it, but it is not the ideal situation.

    If you are a 0331 with a weapons company, it is a possibility you will get attached to a line company (an attachment is a supportive supplement type thing). You will most likely do vehicle mounted patrols with them, or be placed where they need fire power.

    Also, 0331s in a weapons company can form mobile strike forces...Combined Anti Armor Teams they were called in the 90s, consisting of the TOW gunners, MK19 and 50 cal. There job was to take out the heavy stuff...tanks, trucks, aircraft, etc.

    I think what you get to do is all dependent not on your MOS, but on your assignment. If you are needed to guard a checkpoint, you will go there with your gun. If you are needed on patrol to escort convoys or troops, you will be vehicle mounted. All depends and I don't think there is a way o give a solid answer on that.

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    I understand that besdies an MOS there it depends largley on your assingment within the MOS and what the Corps needs at that time. However I have a much clearer picture now of what the area surrounding my MOS. Thank you for that.


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    There is a book called "Guns Up" about a Machine Gun team in Vietnam. They were foot infantry, but it had some good insight into the "craft" if you are interested....

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