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    It has come to my attention, in the past few days, that the recruits are hungry for more moto mail from mre than just me. There for I have decided to send any on to you people thier addresses if you ask for them in PMs to me. I have 24 recruites, currently and they all want all the mail they can get, JDNSmith doen't have many people to write to him.

    The bottom line is this, Marines, poolees/wannbees, Marine Friends, they want mail from anyone, even you guys. It can be a few newspaper clips, sports sections, somthing political as some of these recruites can vote in this election. Some of them will write you back and fill you in on what is going on in thier lives,, but most will not...you never know.

    I am compiling a list of all the Address I have, along with thier graduation date, you can pick and chose or write them all, they won't mind!

    What I will do is make a list of all f them, keep it updated when they graduate, and add to them the new ones I get.

    When this first started I was writing to 6 Recruits....that number has been as high as 47 every week, and as low as 26 from week to week. But they leave every week and it is getting costly to my budget to purchase the ink Cartridge, the paper, the envelopes and of course the stamps (.42 per letter).
    I am not asking you for finacial support, no sir, I am asking to share the mail and get the letters to the recruits in a timely manner.

    Sinch March 22nd, last year (2007) I have written over 1300 letters to recuits that appreciate getting the mail, an I will see to it that they get at least one letter from me each week, any of you are welcme to send extra mail if you please.

    Remember, where they are, we Marines were once, and where they are now, some of you will be soon. They want any kind of mail, articles form a newspaper, ploitical news, the war and how we are doing over there.

    If you want to participate in this program, PM me for the addresses, I will send you everyone I have, you can do as you please with them.

    I hope this site will swamp the mail calls for the recruits we send down there.

    Thanks and Semper Fi,


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    Dave any word on Jag1990 I don't know for sure if that was the name he went by but if I remember right he was shipping in May?

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    Please send me an address or addresses with haste. Shipdate 20081117

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    Dear CPL Daveblay I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and all the other Poolees. Sir you are a true INSPIRATION to us all I will take you up on your offer for bootcamp. If I do say so myself self sir you make me realize what being a Marine is all about. Once again Thank you SIR!

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    Correction Becoming a MARINE "what being a Marine is all about." Correction Becoming a MARINE

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    Awww that is so sweet, you made me tear up alittle. When I am a Poolee I will be sure to mail you! Thanks and God Bless!

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    Cpl Blaylock knows that when I get the chance, I will be sending him my address as well. I have told him that he can share it to whomever wants to write me moto mail during my time on the Island.

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    I got a letter this week from a recruit, that had his complete address, but no name! inside he only signed his last name! I can't send mail to a Rct with only a last name! There might be a dozen Rcts with that same name!

    Attention to details poolees, attention to details!


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    Quote Originally Posted by davblay View Post
    I want to express my thanks to all the poolees over the past months that have elected to use this free service that I offer them. I have noticed, however, that some poolees (turned recruit) have decided to make a shortcut even out of this friendly free service.

    So to make it clear as to what I need for you to include, in your Card or letter, your Rank (Rct), last name, first name, middle initial, then your plt number, BN, and Company. Plus I need your Leatherneck.com username, to make sure you get mail.

    I know that you may think that is a stupid thing to ask for, but believe me, I get mail from recruits with only a plt #, BN and Company, I get mail with only RCT, Last name. I don't know you people, therefore I need all of the address, as stated above! I am not a mind reader you know?

    In the future, If I get any mail without the proper information, I will not reply! That means also that you need to make it legible, I can't read some of the hand writing on the envelopes. You would not believe some of the mail I get from recruits, that I know have at least a High School education! A lot have even more than that!

    What I expect on the outside of the envelope is:

    Rct, Crap, Iam A.
    Plt 0000, ?BN, ?-Company
    Box number or street address
    City, State Zip+plt number

    On the inside of the letter all I really need is your username from Leatherneck.com. You can say anything else you want, but I NEED that information.

    FYI.....I got two letters today from people that I do not know and can not make it out, and the other one is from a Recruit that only sent the last name! I can not, and will not reply to a half addressed envelope, It cost me .42 for every letter I send and I got 4 back today because of this very reason! Now that's $1.68 I just threw away! I don't mind sending mail, but please help me out here will ya? If the post office on the Depot doesn't recognize the name, how can I?

    Poolees, I would appreciate your cooperation on this urgent matter.

    Just needed to be bumped.

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    Hey Dave I would also like to put out there the same thing. I would love to get mail and send mail to recruites. I know how it feels to get that motivational mail from family ect. It was awesome so if any pooles want me to send mail send me a pm and I will get you my address as well. =)

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    Cpl. Blaylock, I know I am just a Poolee but I would be happy to write letters to any Recruits, or Marines that need mail. I would also like to thank you and all others who take time out of their lives to send mail to all Recruits/Marines that need it. I only hope that when my time in boot comes around I may be so lucky to receive some mail from a few good people.

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    To any, and all, Marine, Poolees and wannabes that want to write to my recruits, send me a PM ams I will forward you everything I have, including thier graduation day and all. I don't plan t stop doing tis, but i will share with you guys the addresses as long as we keep it motivational, we don' t want to get them in trouble or quarterdecked. We need to send them motivation ONLY!

    So if any of you want my data base, I will sent it to anyone that PMs my inbox for that information.

    Thanks, I know they will all appreciate or mail t them while thay are there. They never fordet it, they ma not contact you often, but they remember it for the rest of thier career.


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    Would adding a Marine quote be ok at the bottom of the letter? I have some letters ready to be shipped out but have not sent them because I dont want to get any recruits quarterdecked. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnetics View Post
    Would adding a Marine quote be ok at the bottom of the letter? I have some letters ready to be shipped out but have not sent them because I dont want to get any recruits quarterdecked. Thank you
    As long as it is on the letter, not the envelope, it's fine. The only thing that needs to be on the outside is the addresses!


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    Thank you Corporal Blaylock, I sent out letters right after that reply. I did Receive one letters back, and I will contact you regarding recruits status.

    Quote Originally Posted by davblay View Post
    As long as it is on the letter, not the envelope, it's fine. The only thing that needs to be on the outside is the addresses!


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