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    I am really interested in this MOS, more specifically 2766 Portuguese (BR) and some other West European ones. A couple things are in my way of acquiring that goal. I am informed that you need to be a citizen and acquire a top secret clearance in order to get into this MOS.
    1. Once I become a naturalized citizen, what are my chances then of acquiring a top secret clearance (my background is clean, no crimes, arrests, etc.) as a naturalized citizen?

    2. If I do get my clearance, being that I am fluent in the language, is there a good chance I might get into this program? In other words, if I am well qualified is there much demand for this MOS?

    3. Can any linguists tell me what itís like during training and in the fleet?

    4. Is this a primary MOS or is it something that you have in addition to your regular MOS?

    So until that happens, I will be assigned to another MOS (probably some kind of administration, I am color blind so my choices are narrow). Will I be eligible after two years to request to change my MOS or do I have finish my enlistment with that MOS?

    Thank you s

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    Linguist is not a popular MOS. The linguists they need these days should speak Arabic or Korean. We need translators in Iraq and North Korea seems to be thorn on America's side.

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    27xx is a skill designator not a MOS. Linguist MOSs are 267x.
    I doubt you could even get a 2600 field contact without meeting the most basic requirements for a TS/SCI clearance to begin with. It would be a big waste of money to send someone to DLI if they can't be cleared.

    If they did send you to school only for you to be denied a clearance you'd get stuck with whatever MOS they needed a body in.

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    That is why you get your clearance first I had my top secret before I went to Neq. school first.

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    Here I am... a linguist to answer you questions. NO citizen ships.. no clearence and no MOS. It is a primary mos, and you do not get to pick what language you want upon enlistment. The one you stated above... prob will never happen. The program isn't hard to get into, it is hard to pass. And there is a huge need for more linguists in the Corps. So the sergeant above is right.

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    I understand I can not get a clearance without my citizenship. My first question was once I do get my citizenship, will I then as a naturalized citizen be eligible to apply for a top secret clearance or is not being a citizen by birth a disqualifying factor for a top secret clearance.
    Thank you for your response in regards to the specific language group I inquired about. I figured as much but I was hoping that maybe there was some room for diplomatic or coalition type of work in that language and/or language category.

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    clearance for newly naturalized citizens will take longer, but not impossible to get.

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