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    Found the website while I was trying to find some of decals of my units. A little about me:
    3521 Sergeant 1994-2007
    1994: MCRD San Diego 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, Lima Company, Platoon 3001
    1996-1999: 1st Bn. 3rd Marines & 1st Bn. 12th Marines MCAS Kaneohe Bay
    1999-2002: HqSvc Bn. MCB Quantico
    2002-2003: CSSD-36 MCAS Iwakuni Japan
    2003-2007: 1st Maint. Bn. MCB Camp Pendleton
    1 tour OIF II.


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    Oorah, brothers and fellow Marines. I'm new to the site and decided to join after a few days of browsing the site.

    I'm a week away from graduating the Fire Support Man course for naval gunfire here in Coronado, CA. After some leave home, I head to MCB Hawaii for my permanent duty station.

    I began boot camp on March 17, 2008 and graduated June 13, 2008 with 3RD BN, I CO, PLT 3040. My Drill Instructors, SDI SSGT Robinson, DI SGT Williams, DI SSGT Greene, and DI SSGT Johnson all left a huge impression on me. Because of this and my highly motivated attitude about the Marine Corps, I intend on finding my way into the drill field.

    I've currently been in the Marine Corps for going on 10 months. There was a 3-4 month layover at the first half of my MOS school.

    My MOS is 0861, Scout Observer, otherwise known as Fire Support Man. I'm an Artillery Marine all the way.

    My highly motivated personality and strict adherence to rules set forth has jokingly earned me the title of "Lance Corporal of the Marine Corps" from my peers.

    That's all I can think of to introduce myself at the moment. If anyone has any questions for me, please feel free to send them my way!

    Semper Fidelis

    LCPL Brown

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    Welcome aboard brother,
    Good to hear you are starting your Marine Corps career out in Hawaii. I started out there myself. Make the most out of your tour out there. I absolutely loved my three years out in Hawaii, get out there and see the islands. And take advantage of every opportunity that the Marine Corps gives you for civilian education, training, etc...
    Take care of yourself and your fellow Marines.

    Semper Fi

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    I will definitely do that. Thanks for the advice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf2131 View Post
    I will definitely do that. Thanks for the advice!
    6 months outta Boot and already an E-3. You have a promising future ahead of you with your attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcvet57103 View Post
    6 months outta Boot and already an E-3. You have a promising future ahead of you with your attitude.
    I tend to stay motivated and give everything 110%. My ultimate goal is to become a Drill Instructor, seeing as mine left a huge impression on me. I was a contract PFC and got a Cercom out of MCT for Honor Grad, India Company. I picked up Lance Corporal at 8 months time in grade, 8 months time in service. I'm working hard to pick up Corporal. The cutting score for 0861 is pretty low to get there, so I shouldn't have a hard time getting it.

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    Hey Bob,I see blood stripes on you before the year is over..2009 that is..
    DI school's in your future.
    GET ER DONE...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecfree View Post
    Hey Bob,I see blood stripes on you before the year is over..2009 that is..
    DI school's in your future.
    GET ER DONE...

    Haha. definitely. I see it happening within the next few months, perhaps. Unless I missed something, I'm not far from the cutting score. I think all I'd need is a little more added to my cutting score and a few more months time in grade. I've upped my PFT since boot and am now sitting around a 250-255 versus the 236 out of boot. Rifle qual score was a 227 out of boot, too. I'm ready to qual again to score higher.

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    Oooh-Rah Marines! Been gone a while, was busy at school, but I'm back! Good to see you all again!

    Merry Christmas!

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    Permission to come aboard

    Steve Vicars checking in, served from 1994 to 1998 as a 6072 aviation support equipment mechanic/hydraulicsman. Looking forward to spilling a beer ot two with my fellow Marines.

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    Guest Free Member
    Welcome aboard Steve! Swing with the Wing

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    Just saying hello to all my fellow Marines!
    New to forums and online in general. I will hopefully be contributing here more as I learn how.

    It is coming up on the anniversay of Tet- anyone else here remember that night?

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    Welcome Aboard Marine! I am a different generation, I was 3 years old during Tet. No doubt our older Brothers will chime in shortly!

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    Hello all, just checking in. Outstanding site here, Semper Fi to all my brothers and sisters.

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    Marine Free Member saltyone's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    Bossier City, LA
    New guy here. Looking for Marine poems for my daughter to recite at school and stumbled upon this place.

    A little about me...

    0341/0331 '94 - '03

    Boot Camp (West Coast) May '94 Plt 3003 Lima Company

    ITB Camp Pendleton (Charlie Company)

    1/8 Weapons Company
    1/2 Weapons Company
    2/6 Weapons Company

    3 MUE's and 1 six month UDP to Oki. (Camp Schwab)
    4 CAX's and 1 double CAX
    Bridgeport twice (both warm)
    Shell back
    Assault Climber - SOTG East Coast
    HRST Master - SOTG East Coast
    Sgt Major Malnar Leadership Award recipient - Infantry Squad Leaders Course 4-98

    Medically retired March '03. I miss the Corps more than words can describe.

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