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    Welcome FireMarine. I'm also a firefighter with the New Hanover County Fire and Rescue. Keep up the good fight.

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    Hello Devil Dogs! My names Tyler...Just finished up boot camp at MCRD and found this website and decided to sign up. I check into SOI November 4th to become a Marine Corps Grunt. Is there any 0331's in here? Anyways take it easy gentlemen. Semper Fi.

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    Greetings, anutha newbie to the site. Been lovin' it.......it's bringing back so many memories of my time with the baddest family on earth.

    Semper Fi!
    • Aug 76 - Nov 76 Parris Island: 1st Bn, Plt 185 (SSgt K Thompson, Sgt R Reed, Sgt L Holloway)
    • Dec 76 - Mar 77: Camp Lejuene, Supply School
    • Mar 77 - Mar 78: Camp Schwab (Oki) 3/9, H&S Co, Bn Supply
    • Apr 78 - Jun 79: CamPen, 1st Fssg, Supply Co
    • Jun 79 - Aug 80: MCMWTC, Bridgeport, Ca Jun 79 to Aug 80

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    Welcome aboard Ken, Tyler, SIGGY! Lots to see here, make yourselves comfortable.

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    Jun 2007
    Thank you.Semper Fi to all

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    Ran into this site last week and signed up, Have been out of the Corps since August of 1980, glad there is a place to keep up with my brothers

    Semper Fi Devil Dogs.....

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    HQ 1/11 comm

    you can talk about us, but you cant talk without us Semper Fi Jarheads

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    Ask him what BN, Company, and Platoon he graduated with in boot camp along with where he graduated and where he was stationed. If you ask enough questions and he doesn't know or has to think more then likely he's making it up. If he's spot on and can give you all the information then more then likely he's legit. Hope that helps.

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    I have been off active duty for almost 28 years now. This site that you have here is really great, brings back a host of wonderful memories of years past, It did my ole salty heart good.. Keep up the great work here. Semper-Fi

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    Current Active Duty F/A-18 Structures/Hydraulics Mechanic.

    Did my Boot in "Hollywood" in 2005. Getting closer to the time when I need to hop of the re-enlistment fence or not...

    Don't have many interesting stories. I'm a Winger and only have one deployment (Japan) under my belt and from the looks of things I will not be going "Over There". I'm a disgruntled but "needs of the service" as Jack Aubrey would say.

    Anyways I'm a WW2 fanatic and I re-enact WW2. My main impression is part of a unit that portrays the 442d RCT (The Nisei Japanese-Americans) and for us Non-Japanese, we do the 34th Infantry Division which the 100th Battalion and later the 442 spent a lot of time with. (I'm Filipino and could look the part but I chose to stay with the standard). So why is that important? Because I got my name from my savvy fellow re-enactors. One surmised I'm a gyrene doing a GI impression... so that made me the GI-rene.

    Don't worry though gents... My first event once they found out I was a Marine, they approached me with the fact they were starting a Marine unit I didn't bat an eye.

    I have had the honor of meeting SgtMaj Gorczewski. Its a small Marine Corps when you find out that a fellow Marine Gamer (I'm part of a gaming group thats by Marines for Marines) had him as a 1st Sergeant in his Weapons Company. Go figure!

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    Welcome aboard GIrene! Sounds like a good bunch in your Re-enactments. Glad you got on their Marine Team.

    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcobra316 View Post
    Ran into this site last week and signed up, Have been out of the Corps since August of 1980, glad there is a place to keep up with my brothers

    Semper Fi Devil Dogs.....
    Hey Brother. I've been out the same amount of time almost to the month. I got out of the Navy July 19, 1980. I joined this board because I spent 3 years Marine ROTC but ended up going into the Navy anyway. I always seemed to pal around and get along better with the grunts than the Swabs anyway. I had alot of Marine buddies while I was in, just trying to find a few of them. By chance were you in Iceland or Sicily with the Marine detachments there?


    Jim (OldSwabbie)

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    I got out in august of 80 from camp pendelton calif I was one of the unlucky ones, they wouldnt let me go anywhere. stayed in the same spot the whole time...

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    Red face I am new

    My name is tracey and i am new to this site. I am joininig because my BEST FRIEND since kindergarten just joined the Marines and i am SO very proud of him but, i am ALSO very worried about him. I love him in a very brotherly way, but i am going to miss him. We both moved out at a young age of 17 together and bought an aparment. We've been through SO much we often find it hard to believe that me and him didn't end up together in the long run but, i just wanted a support group to belong to apart of a family to try and SOME kind of understanding about the brotherhood he fell in love with and left me for.
    :: Tracey Deau ::

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    Welcome aboard Ms Tracey. I am sure you will get a hint of what the "brotherhood" is and how much it means to those it affects. Just remember "Love is all". We are all one big family here and feel free to pick our brains (what's left of them)!!!!!


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