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    Welcome aboard Julian.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt0656 View Post
    Greetings Marines,

    it's nice to be back amongst my brothers, although only "virtually". I just got out of the Corps last month and boy am I missing it. Never thought I would, but hell, here I am. I suppose you never know what you've got 'til it's gone. Anyways, I got out as a Sergeant in Comm, was with 3/12 over in Oki then came over to Lejeune with the 22nd MEU. Dropping by to introduce myself and hope to stay in touch with my second family!


    Good to have you, I too was in Camp Butler Okinawa,. back in 68,(give
    or take), Bc street, and eating over at the local restraunts. good old fried
    rice, and eating at my Mamma San's home, and meeting her family, good memories
    and snorkling in our back yard. Stay in touch, geneo204@yahoo.com

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    Hi everyone, I just stumbled across this site today. I got out of the Corps back in 2003 and have missed it ever since.

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    Ms. Ellie, I know I've already posted on your site, but would you allow a rude old WM to come aboard! I need some sweet fellowship.

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    Joined last night. Great site! Boot Camp at MCRD Parris Island from 3/85-6/85, Plt 2043. NAS Millington for A Schhol for 6542, Aviation Ordnance Equip Repair Tech from 6/85-9/85. Then TME at Camp Pendleton for advance school until 11/85. Checked into MAG 29, H&MS 29 Ordnance in 12/85. Med pump in 3/88-8/88 on the mighty Iwo. CAX in summer of 89. Then the Persian Gulf in 90/91.

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    Welcome Aboard everyone!

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    I was on Active Duty 2000-2004

    First duty station was at 8th and I Washington, DC
    Then I went off to the "real Marine Corps" with 2/8. Did two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just trying to make it here in the real world.

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    Welcome Aboard Sgt Jimenez! You've certainly seen many sides of Our Beloved Corps.

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    Lance Cpl Cooper, Cpl Cooper come Sept, new to the site but lovin' it.

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    After hours checkin here, where's the OOD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quicktime View Post
    After hours checkin here, where's the OOD?
    Welcome aboard, QT! If you need any help with your profile let me know. Its a good way for Marines to get to know you better. You'll probably find some Bros that you Served with if you do!

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    I apologize for mingling a bit in the beer garden before checking in here first with the NCOIC but I guess some things will never change will they.

    Request permission to turn to?

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    Brothers....it feels as if I've been in this platoon for quite some time!

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    Brothers.... it feels as if I've been in this platoon before.
    Permission to enter the duty hut.....

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