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    Welcome Aboard Johhny D! Its good to see ya, hang around a bit we got lots going on.

    Semper Fi

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    Hi all .....i ran across this site yesterday..Thought id sign upi went in 89' plt 1039 for boot camp mct soi then to barracks duty sasebo japan which i found out has been closed? then 3/5 INDIA anyway right on fellas SEMPER FI! lIKE THE SMILEYS BY THE WAY

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    Semper Fi Corporal! Welcome aboard. Lots of your fellow grunts around. Some from back in the Island Hopping days.

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    Thank's for the welcome. By any chance is there a unit finder?

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    Check through here you may find it:

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    Good to see they caught that coward S.O.B!!!! They should turn him over to our brothers for some real justice!!

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    Hi. I just signed my DEP contract yesterday. Shipping to MCRD San Diego May 27.

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    Boot on deck

    Semper Fi Leathernecks,

    Great site! I just joined, and I'm impressed. Look forward to some good sea stories. I got a chuckle from some of the cyber hazing of the poolees. Reminds me of the guy in reception and later my platoon that showed up with a fresh eagle globe and anchor on his bicep. Everything he did that didn't require two hands, required him to cover his tattoo with his free hand. Gabe

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    Howdy Martin, welcome aboard!

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    Very Welcome Aboard Staff Martin, Hope you like it here half as much as I do.

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    Welcome aboard,dog face.
    The brew is on you.

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    Hey Marines. <3 Slaps on the Bulkhead from OldSwabbie> Permission to ENTER SIR?

    I wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm a forum Moderator over at NavySEALS.com. Reason I signed up is that once in awhile we get - Yea, you guessed it... POSERS. I figured this and Socnet are great places to vet these PeanutHeads out. I know Ya'll hate this crap as much as we do.

    Latest LOOSER POSER one of our Boys going into NSW bud/s very soon was talking to a guy today says he was a Marine Grunt who became Recon Marine. Our boy said COOL! We love Recon Marines. The guy went on, not knowing this boy KNOWS whats coming in bud/s and everything ABOUT bud/s. He tells this boy "Yea, dont you know all Navy SEALS are trained by Marine Recon?". This brings up red flags. Anyway, our boy not wanting to be disrepectful in case the guy really was a BTDT just leaves it at that. The guy keeps on talking and things werent adding up. So, I don't know if this guy is 0321 or not.

    When I hear about It I tell the kid to get this lamebrain on my site and let me talk to him and straighten his A** out about a few things with SEAL Teams...THEN Ill march his A** over to either leatherneck.com or Socnet.com.

    Anyway, Thats what I'm doing here guys. I appreciate your time!


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    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    Welcome aboard Old Swabbie! We will gladly share what we know of Scalawags and Miscreants. King Neptune will have them wriggling on his Trident!

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    Hello! I got this site from a Devil Dog at AR15.com (be nice!). When I filled out the form to join up I didn't know whether to pick "Marine Family" or "Other" as I guess I qual as both! My dad is a retired Marine Corps Colonel so I've been around the Corps awhile and I worked as a gubmint slave for the Marine Corps for 17 years.

    Anyway, I wanted to see if I could track down a couple Devil Dogs I worked with at HQMC Navy Annex/Quantico...if you're out there, Snaggle, Libbo, and Kakichu, gimmee a shout!

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