Student Loans for Reservists
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    Student Loans for Reservists

    I am currently having problems with paying for my college education. Someone told me i can get student loans from the VA or from the Military he wasn't sure but he said his cousin did that but wasn't sure how to go about it. Is this true?

    Also if that doesn't pan out i plan on requesting active time at my unit for a 6 month period. Do i still get the same benefits as active duty personaly like them paying for classes and full BAH (The base is 1 1/2 hours away from my current residence and it bieng an air reserve base we don't have barracks.

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    You're already entitled to them paying for your classes. Granted it wont be as much as the AD side gets but if you're going to a Community College then it does help alot. If you go to AD duty, I don't belive you'll be eligible for there GI Bill benifits since they actually pay into that. They pay I believe $1300 and then they are eligible for up to $30,000 I think in student tuition assistance. I'm not sure about BAH but I do kno that you get BAH with Recruiters Assistance which is another program offered to Reservists for AD time and pay. Use this link for your GI Bill concerns. IT shows you how much you'll be getting each month with your benifits. I can't post links here but if you go to military dot com and go the the BEnifits tab then click GI Bill it will show you how much to expect with the benifits for each month. I think Reservists only get about $300-350 a month. Hope this helped a little bit.

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    I already have the Reserve GI bill already but i can't get a bachalors in CC so that doesn't help much. I heard that a Marine on Active Duty will recieve up to 500 per credit if he is taking classes durring the time(Which with online classes i can do)

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    O I haven't heard about that, that would be awesome if it were true. Sorry to waste your time then with that last answer ha. Hopefully we can both find out cause this is nteresting. I've been thinking of doing AD duty.

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    Before this gets out of hand, visit The GI Bill works in different ways depending on your status. As far as active duty benefits, contact your unit's career planner or admin section and they should be able to provide you with information about AD options for reservists.

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