My name is Jerry Cook. I am a retired senior NCO from the United States Army. Since retiring I "enlisted" with Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. out of Blount Island Command in Jacksonville Fl. We are currently looking for retired Marines that may be interested in a Shipboard Supervisor position in support of the MPF program. Specifically we are looking for retired Marines who held the following MOS's;0411,1310,1349,2110,2120,2149,2181,3002,3043 ,3510, or 3529.

Our Shipboard Supervisors start in the mid 40's with earning potential in the upper 50's.

I have included some information below that should answer most questions. Although this information is geared towards our mechanics, much of it is applicable to our Supervisors as well.

Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail or phone number listed below. I look forward to talking with some of you in the future.

Thank you for your service.

We maintain combat equipment for the United States Marine Corps as part of the Maritime Prepositioning Force Program (MPF). Since the inception of the USMC MPF program, we have maintained nearly 56% of the ground combat vehicles and support equipment for the USMC. The MPF has a fleet of 16 merchant ships, prepositioned around the world, which contain the combat equipment. Living and working on board each ship we have a team of 4 Mechanics and 1 Supervisor. The ships are assigned to one of three squadrons: Europe-Mediterranean (MPS-1),Diego Garcia-Indian Ocean (MPS-2), and Guam-Saipan (MPS-3).

As a shipboard equipment mechanic, the work is mainly preventive and corrective maintenance. We employ 3 types of Mechanics: Ordnance (Tanks/AAV/LAV/BFV), Engineers (heavy construction equipment/forklifts) and Motor Transport (light & heavy wheeled vehicles - trucks). As a part of our national defense strategy, the MPF will deploy as required, although historically, the majority of time has been spent in port.

You will work 8 hours/day, 5 days/week. At the end of the workday, it is your time to spend, as you like until the start of your next shift. Go ashore if you like. Overtime may be required but is not currently guaranteed. Our mechanics usually work a minimum of 4 hours overtime per week. The 2008 rate of pay as set by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the union is $17.10 per hour while in a short training program at Blount Island in Jacksonville, FL. Your pay will increase to $19.10/hour at the completion of that training period. Mechanics can earn up to 50K per year with overtime. Most ship locations are excluded from Federal Income Tax Requirements (individual circumstances may vary). By law, you do not have to join the union (pay dues) but you are covered by the CBA. Annual wage increases are built into the CBA.

In most cases each mechanic will have a private stateroom and bathroom. Accommodations and food are provided at no cost to you. The Company will reimburse you for a 300 lb. personal property shipment to/from your ship.

The Company provides your tools and uniforms and you will be reimbursed for safety shoes. The Company provides all other Personal Protective Equipment.

We offer:
• Full Benefits package - Health, Dental, Vision, Long and Short Term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, and 401k. Coverage includes dependents and can be effective on the date of hire.
• Pension Plan
• 6 weeks of paid vacation (including paid round trip plane tickets) + travel time
• 56 hours of Personal Absence Allowance (sick leave) is awarded annually - you are paid for unused hours at years end.

All assignments are for 1 year. At the 23rd week of employment you are eligible for 3 weeks vacation. We fly you home and back. After week 52, you receive another 3 weeks vacation and a $2500 contract completion bonus. This contract completion bonus is raised to $3000 in subsequent years. If mutually agreed, you are offered another 1-year contract. As a Honeywell employee, at the end of your contract, you go to the front of the line if you choose to compete for any Collective Bargaining Unit positions here at Blount Island Jacksonville, Florida. If you are interested in an assignment to another squadron, we will try to accommodate your needs.

Our ships rotate back to Blount Island, Jacksonville, Florida sequentially, approximately every 3 years for a 2-month equipment maintenance cycle. While in Jacksonville you are berthed ashore in single occupancy company apartments, on per diem (if outside the 50 mile radius) and provided transportation plus your normal wages.

Details of the program may change over time. This explanation presents a genuine, current overview of the program.

- 3 to 5 Years work experience as a Mechanic in one of the following specialties;

-Ordnance Equipment (M1A1 Tank/ Bradley Fighting Vehicle/ AAV or LAV Mechanic)
-Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Graders/Scrapers/Dozers/Generators)
-Heavy or Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (5 Ton/2.5 Ton/HUMVEE/Wrecker/M113).
-Civilian experience will be acceptable providing candidate has 5 years mechanical experience in diesel engines, hydraulics, gasoline engines, generators, or heavy equipment.
- Diplomas, certificates, and certifications are required to verify qualifications.
-The minimum experience is non-negotiable.

- High School Graduate or equivalent.

- Must have chronological specific resume, DD214 showing discharge type, and, training certificates and certification(s) to document qualifications.

- Must possess or be able to obtain a U.S. Passport.

- Must possess a valid driver’s license.

- Must pass a comprehensive physical examination (Military Sealift Command Standards) drug screening, and detailed background investigation.

Jerry L. Cook
Shipboard Coordinator
Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.
6200 Flagship Circle Jacksonville, FL. 32226