Forming/platoon assignment
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    Forming/platoon assignment

    There are several poolees in my pool that are shipping to PI around the same time, My ship date is 26 may(a monday) and theirs 28 may(a wednesday), so I was wondering is there a chance that we would be in the same platoon? or would I already be assigned one before they got there, also wouldnt we start training on the same day anyway(that following monday) despite when we arrived the previous week? Thanks for any response!

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    If you don't ship together you're not going to be in the same platoon. They fill the platoons as you arrive.

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    Arrive on same day, you have chance of being in same platoon. Arriving same week, you will be in same series/company.

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    So we will graduate on the same day then right?

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    If you ship the same week you'll graduate on the same day, unless someone gets dropped to a different platoon.

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    Ok thanks for the info Marines

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    Every single person that was at Savannah's airport with me (male) were in my platoon. We all went to PI on the same bus, and were joined at the hips for the next 13 weeks.

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    I believe we will be taking a bus from the Jacksonville, FL MEPS up to PI so hopefully I will see some familiar faces from time to time....not that it will make a difference though.

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