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    I Have Questions

    Well i am 17 and i wanted to join the marines when i am 18.

    but, i dont think i am able to do so because i am blind in one of my eyes.

    when i was younger i got shot in the face with a BB-Gun and i still have
    the BB stuck somewhere inside my head so here is what i wanted to know.

    would i still be able to become a marine or would my accident effect that?

    Thanks, Decs

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    I doubt it.

    Fill out your profile and you may get a more informed answer.

    FYI ~ The word Marine when used to describe the nation finest branch of service is a proper noun, so always capitalize the M.


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    Phantom Blooper
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    I Have Questions

    I have questions too...why don't you read the rules and fill out your profile before you ask questions?

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