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    I'm assuming that this post was meant for me, I didn't know my dad's rank at the time was that of Cpl. but i would love to see the picture but yes he was in the hydraulics group with VMFA-334. I did find a bunch of picture that he had taken while in country.

    My name is Shane, if its not any trouble I'm sure my mother and sisters would love to see the picture


    my email is svickers673@gmail.com

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    Hi Shane....glad to hear from you. I have scanned the pictures from the Falcon cruise book of the hydraulics crew, and the one of your dad. I will go through the book, and see if I can locate him in any other photos. The book has all kinds of info regarding the squadron and the time spent in Viet Nam. Each dept. was listed separately in the book, and I have scanned the hydraulics pages for you. If you would like more scanned of the book I can do that. I do remember your dad, just by looks. Being in different departments, we never got acquainted. I will send the pictures to your gmail account. In your e-mail it sounds like your dad has passed away. If so, I am sorry to hear that.
    You mentioned other pictures. Are they of the airfield, and aircraft ? I have some of the airstrip, base housing, etc. Would be curious to know what you have. I would scan and share some of mine.
    Thanks, Dan Holben
    Summerville S.C.

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    I was in VMFA 232 in 1972 in Vietnam and was a LCpl working in power plants. Then we went to Thailand in 1973. Were you there when Lt. Sam Cordova got shot down? I served 20 years and retired in 1991 as a Msgt. Would like to hear from you.
    Semper Fi,
    Frank Spacek and wife Linda

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    Hi Frank....I worked in Com/Nav in VMFA 334 in Chu Lai in 1969. Spent some time in Iwakuni Japan, and returned back to states in 1970. In service from 1966 to 1970.
    Did you know anyone from 334 squadron ? Nice to hear from you,
    Semper Fi........Not sure if my 1st post went or not.
    Dan Holben

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    Hey guys. Joe Registrato. Worked in the maintenance administration in el toro, danang and chulai all that time in 68 and 69. I remember vickers for sure, he was in hydraulics with gunny brisueno. Nothing from carruthers or floyd lamb or sims?? I have to check the names in the cruise book, but will never forget all you guys. I have gone to washington and taken pictures of names on the wall: capt. Deliedi and Lcpl Neibauer.

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    I was also in VMFA-334. Joined in July 1967 and stayed with them until August 1970 when I finally returned to the US and got out. I was on the team that put the cruise book together. There have been a number of reunions. Last year there was a large one in San Diego, mostly pilots, but not exclusively. A few of the Electrical Shop have been getting together every year or so for the last few years. I have not attended any of the past gatherings but plan to attend some of the future ones.

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    I was a LCpl with 334 from H&MS-33 metal shop and went to DaNang in Aug 1968. Was transferred to H&MS-11 metal shop when we got to DaNang and remained there until transferred back to CONUS. Remained on active duty for 20 yrs and retired in 1987 as a MSgt with Ground Support Equipment.

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    Hi Ken: I deployed to Chu Lai in 1969 from Beaufort S.C. I was in Com/Nam with 334. I do have a copy of The Falcon. I looked through it but did not see a picture of you. If there are any parts of the book that you would like I could scan some pages and e-mail you, like the Metal shop group, let me know.
    Dan Holben, Summerville S.C.

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    I haven't seen the cruse book as I didn't get one. I was transferred to H&MS-11 Metal Shop as soon as we got to Nam. Remained in H&MS-11 when 334 went to Chu Lai. I was a LCpl. Beleave it or not I actually worked at the E-Club at night for about 6 months. I would probably know some of the guys in metal or hydraulics shops if I saw them.
    Ken Steffek Bastrop, Texas

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    I was put into H&MS-11 ground support from VMFA-334 the as soon as we landed .There were about 6 of us . The FALCON crew came to us for a group picture and at that time they signed us up for the cruise book . It was about Jan. or Feb. 1969 when they did this , I think. All of us stayed in that shop until rotating back to CONUS .
    John Humphrey

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    I have scanned some pics of the Metal shop, but unable to upload on this site. If you let me know your e-mail, I will send the pics.

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    I was with VMFA 232 in El Toro when we deployed to Chu Lai in March 1969. I was a LCpl (Dave Burns) assigned to Hyd Shop. Shortly after our arrival in Nam the squadron was redeployed to Japan because the new radar on the F4J's was failing in the Vietnamese climate.
    I was reassigned to VMFA 115 (F4B's) and remained in Chu Lai until I rotated back to the "world" a year later. My nick name there was "Rabbit."

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    Hey Frank this is SGT. Wells, glad to see you retired. I got out in 1974, went back in 1978 Seabee Reserve and retired in 1994. Note: called to Desert Storm 1991.
    Would be great to hear from you.

    SGT. Ronnie Wells
    VMFA 232

    Email: rl.wells@gmail.com

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    I served in VMFA 334 from ElToro to Iwakuni, Japan

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    334 and 232 in VN 1968-69. Elec.shop.

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