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    VMFA 334 or VMFA 232 ?

    I was in VMFA 232 and I worked in the hydraulic shop

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    I was also in Chu Lai in 1969 in the Com/Nav shop. I got into the country around Feb. of 1969, and was there until we were transferred to Japan. I also have a copy of the Falcon cruise book. Are you the Sgt. Walter J. Pemberton that I remember. I have had my book all this time, and for the 1st time, I sat down and read through it. And I took the time to look at all the pics and see who I remembered. Actually quite a few.
    Have you had any contacts with any one else from that time in Nam ?
    Hope to hear from you.
    Dan Holben

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    Hi Guy
    I looked you up in the book and You are siting next to me on the sand bags.
    There are several others who have posted on this page.
    I wish I had started looking sooner because a reunion was held last year.
    I was transfer out to VMFA-315 when 334 went to Japan.
    My e-mail address is wlpemb@tx.rr.com By the way the "J." was really an "L."

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    334 Ordnance

    I was in VMFA 334 both at El Toro and in country with the ordnance shop.

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    Hi Pete.
    I looked you up in the cruse book and I remember you. I worked in Com/Nav but helped with the bombs sometimes. You know anything about Jerry Wasick, Bob Caldwell or Ray Turner? I hung around with them some what.
    So long for now.

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    My dad served with VMFA-334 from 1968-1969, any one who might have known a Sgt. John W. Vickers from Center Texas feel free to email me - Svickers1@vzw.blackberry.net

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    my dad was assigned to VMFA-334 Hydraulics in 68-69 Sgt. John W. Vickers he was from Center Texas, did you know him by chance?

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    Anyone who knew a Sgt. John Vickers with VMFA-334 Hydraulics from 68-69 please contact me Svickers1@vzw.blackberry.net so far i've learned he shot himself in the leg doing a quick draw with TAL4766's pistol

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    I was with 232 in Danang in 1972 when we went in during the Easter Offensive and we later moved to Thailand to the Rose Garden.

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    Was with 334 from El Toro,DaNang and Chu Lai.Went to 115 whem 334 went to Iwakuni.Worked in the metal shop.Contact hammopd1@hotmail.com

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    Cpl. John Vickers

    Quote Originally Posted by petewatson View Post
    I was in VMFA 334 both at El Toro and in country with the ordnance shop.

    I ran across a message on the Leatherneck link about Cpl. John
    Vickers. I did not know your dad, but when I looked up his picture in
    "The Falcon" cruise book I recognize him. From the book, it looks like
    he was in hydraulics...correct ? I'm not sure if you have seen the book
    I am talking about, with his picture in. If you do not have it, I
    would gladly scan his picture and e-mail it to you. It is a picture of
    him by himself with a big smile on his face ! Just having a great time
    in Nam.
    Just get back with me if you would like a copy of the picture.
    Dan Holben

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    Anyone around Chu Lai with 232 when #15 had its mishap? What's the skinny here:

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    Looking for any Marines that served in H&MS 24 Bandit Squadron or Ordnance Kaneohe Bay Hawaii 1979 thru 1982.

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    I was in ground support,VMFA-334 when we went to "the nam" in 1968 and was transfered to MAG-11. The falcons are fantastic!!! jrh,John Humphrey ,humphrey4190@roadrunner.com

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    Was in Radar Shop with VMFA 115 in Da Nang 1970 then was transferred to VMFA 232 in Iwakuni Japan in 1971

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