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    christmas 1990,sitting in a fox hole staring out into the desert.what fun we had that day.

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    Cold steel 1/6

    Outstanding to hear from a hound from 2/2. I knew a few guys from 2/2.

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    Desert Veteran Search

    Christmas Day... Dec.25,1990: the only 1/2 day off we had...07:30 - 13:00 since arrival in the Saudi Kingdom.
    Dec. 26, 1990... 23:45pm local SWA time zone; left Camp 13 at Al Jubail on convoy to Kibrit via 20ton truck.
    24:00 hrs. Turned North along the coastal road to Meshalb.
    02:00 hrs. Stopped briefly at Marine check-point for vehicle check. Swiched fuel tanks from port to starbord. Made the trun westerly out into the MSR (open desert) headed to the old village of Al Meshalb.
    02:30-03:30 hrs. Made the turn northerly again to head for Kibrit... forward area encampments.

    What happened next can be found on www.desertveteransearch.com .
    Letters of support:
    1. Captian David L. Sullivan, CEC USN, NMCB-24 Alfa Co., C.O.
    2. Col. C.O. Skipper, USMC, Ret. 8th.Marine Engineers, X.O.
    3. Col. J.P. Hull, USMC, Ret. 8th Marine Engineers, Charlie Co. Cmdr.
    4. Sr. Chief Roy Grasham, USN NMCB-24, Alfa Co.

    Today... Dec. 20, 2008: I find myself still searching for the U.S.Marines and the Navy corpsman, that saved my butt, and took care of me when I was shot. I sill feel the need to tell these very special Marines, and the Corpsman who was with them, THANK YOU !
    Some things in life you just do not forget. I won't forget the people who were there for me when I NEEDED the U.S. Marines. I just never knew any of their names. If you can help find them...please, contact EO-3 George Kernaghan. All contact information located on the Desert Veteran Search webpage.

    Semper Fi

    EO-3 George Kernaghan, NMCB-24
    DS/DS 1990-91 Alfa Co.
    "Seabee's Can Do!"

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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    I am glad that so many have shared their stories here. Have a very merry Christmas!! Best for a new year also!

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    Christmas 1990, I was aboard the USS NASSUA LHA-4..Christmas eve. I was the Mail Nco for 10 plus units embarked.. My momma as usual when I was deployed sent a special package that was fit in your hand to hold and heavy as 3 bricks lmlao. Several of us had made a hooch away from berthing area near the well deck. I was a jack of all trades and had like 9 hats for extra jobs while aboard the NASSAU. 1st Sgt Fred Klott caught me opening this package in our hooch when he came looking for me for another honey do. Ahh, Sgt Starkenegger's got the booze he asclaimed! No first seargent its mom's german stollen fruit cake. I had just sliced several 1/2 inch pieces for the 24 hour on going D&D crew. He grabbed a piece and wolfed it down coughing and eyes reddened at the potency of what he had just consumed.. A smile came about and he says that if half a this cake is cantraband for the CO Captain King and him this secret will go away. I warned him that small slices will do the trick for your holiday sperits. He gaffed it off and told us to be on the flight deck at 0430 for PT. We enjoyed a few pieces of this great undercooked fruit cake doused with 3 bottles of brandy. Played a few rolls of D&D and headed to the rack for some rest. The next morning all were standing by till almost 0500 when the 2 seniors showed up on the flight desk anouncing illness and to proceed with out them. Both our old guys were green gilled and a tad bit red eyed to say the least.. Doc Jones was there when I warned the 1st Shirt of the fruit cake. The boat wasn't even pitching 10 degree's.. Christmas day was nice. Yep them nasty green eggs n ham for morning chow and some over cooked turkey mid afternoon with all the fixings. I gotta say the Navy sure can feed the Marines..

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    I spent Christmas of 1990 at PISC. I recieved orders there shortly after coming back from Panama for Operation Just Cause. Before I checked out of 3/6 to head down to PI, the Bn recieved word that they were heading across the pond. I tried everything I could to get out of those orders but everyone kept telling me the same thing. I couldn't change my oorders since they were to a training environment. I was ****ed-off. I even requested mast to the CG. Same old story. Had to go. I hated not being there with my friends and my unit. That hurt. But as always, those of you that were there, conducted Marine Corps buisness as expected. Semper Fi !

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    Marine Buisness......A Christmas Message..December 2008... God Bless the United States Marines!!! Thank You. EO-3 George E. Kernaghan, USN, NMCB-24, DS/DS 90-91.
    Re: Dec.26,1990 02:30-03:30am Local (SWA) time zone, Kibrit.
    Messg: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thanks to you...I am alive!
    Semper Fi

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    First In

    I was in India 3/3 we were one of the first Marine Combat Units to arrive. We were there since Aug/Sept. I remember vividly sitting on a hill of sand by our defensive perimiter with Cpl Dave Wetzel drinking Jack Danies smuggled to us in a Wisk bottle(boy it tasted nasty) Talking about how we didnt want to die in this God forsaken place! I remember Christmas Eve like it was yesterday!

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    Hello Mugsy India 3/3,
    Seabee here...I'd like you to give me a call. There are a few questions I'd like to ask about our tour of duty in Saudi Arabia...Especially about Christmas time. I'm usualy home in the evenings after 6:00 pm central time. My numbers are:
    816-358-7765 home (you can call collect on this number; I'll accept the charges)
    816-392-2633 cellular
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Semper Fi

    EO-3 George Kernaghan

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