Leaving on Monday
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    Leaving on Monday

    Got a call early this morning, I'm leaving on monday night.

    Time is ticking away, I have to loose 10lbs by tommorrow, so I'm going to be heading out and start killing myself with some PT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneRJ
    Got a call early this morning, I'm leaving on monday night.

    Time is ticking away, I have to loose 10lbs by tommorrow, so I'm going to be heading out and start killing myself with some PT.
    10lbs in one day??


    Anyhoo, ENJOY.

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Okay, saddle up and get it done! Never Quit

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    Man Raymon, yer ship date changes just about as often as I change underwear. LOL jk. Good chit though buddy. Go kick some arse, I'll only be 2 weeks behind ya. Just never quit and dont leave there unless by way of the front gate as a US Marine!!!

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    I don't know about the 10 lbs in one day unless you can cr-a-p like a camel with a bad stomach virus, but I wish you well. Don't get discouraged, just roll with it and you'll get 'er dun. Their job is to make you feel like you want to quit. Keep your end goal in focus, and you will reach it.

    I'd be glad to send some mail to ya....I wouldn't mess with ya (; don't worry...just let me know your mailing info and I'll get ya an X-mas card or something. Same to you jdncowboy!!

    Good luck Bro!!!!

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    Actually he wrote that he leaves on Monday, so 10 pounds by then isn't out of the question.

    Best of luck son, remember, do not ever quit!

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    Raymon, they are changing your ship more than they did tooks! I sure hope you have better luck than she did, I mean about getting hurt! God Bless and God Speed!


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    Raymon, you can do it... next time we see you on this board we will be speaking with a Marine.

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    Good luck Raymon, good luck. I know you can make it happen. I'm supposed to be leaving on 17 December to PI, so I'll be on the island with some of you soon enough LOL.

    Go kick some a!

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    Just got back from the GYM 5lbs lighter.

    Wasn't hard, just spent 35 minute sessions in a sauna and an hour off doing work-outs in the gym. Going to loose the rest within the next two days.

    Now for a little appreciation.

    First and foremost. Without coming on Leatherneck, I don't know what I would be doing right about now. I thought I knew everything, and when I didn't I was busted hard. I took it in stride and rode with it. I'm amazed at what people can accomplish with the help of others. We all know back in the ole' days. You didn't have the resource we have today, to gain information, and to get motivation. I'm damn lucky I was reffered to this site, and I'm damn determined to get my Eagle Globe, and Anchor.

    I'm anxiously waiting to graduation, but I must pass the test like all others. I look forward to this challenge, as I've been informed and prepared to the best of my ability for Recruit Training. To call everyone Marine here my brother or sister is what I'm looking forward to.

    Now the Marines who've really had the big influence, need not to be named, they show no favoritism to me or any other poolee. You guys are damn awesome, great mentors, and great motivators. I'm damn proud that I've met each and everyone of you. This might be the internet, but I'm closer to yah'll than most of my family and thats says much as to how much you have reached out to most of us.

    Honor, Courage, Commitment.

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    Raymon, my Little Brother, you will do just fine. The Title and the Eagle, Globe and Anchor await you - -it's yours for the taking. I look forward to calling you Brother!!


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    Man, Raymon it's going to be weird without you around here! But it's all good 'cause you'll be kicking a$$ getting that EGA. Good luck!

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