Tale from Iraqi Lawyer
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    Talking Tale from Iraqi Lawyer

    Read some place on the web...this Iraqi lawyer believed what the Iraqi minister of Information was saying.
    The American military is about 100 miles from Bagdad.
    On opening his front door, he was looking at the muzzle of an American M16A2.
    That when he realized that he had been lied to.
    We were at the gates of Bagdad not 100 miles away.
    Wonder how many more Iraqi's are believing those fairy tales that minister of information is spin?
    Marines have made used of Saddam's palace head.
    Others were sleeping on the front lawn.
    I about bust my gut on reading what that lawyer had to say.

    Semper Fidelis

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    Sometimes when i listen and see that Iraqi minister of information.
    I think I'm listening and watch SNL on the tube.
    He's detacted from reality.

    Semper Fidelis

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    I think

    The Iraqi minister of information is now employed by both the Los Angeles and the New York Times.

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    Seems the Info Minister had his own interpretor choking back laughter after a recent rant. I was driving & lmoa when I heard it on the radio.

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