FLSG/Bravo Chu Lai Vietnam 1966-67
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    FLSG/Bravo Chu Lai Vietnam 1966-67

    Looking for John Hanks,Crowley La. Or Kenny Hughskamp, Lima, Ohio Or anyone that knows either of these men.

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    I was with FLSG-B

    From Aug 1966 to Sep 1967, sorry don't recognize those names.

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    I was With flsg b dong ha than quang tri 69,70,cant remember sh*t any moore.our co was Hansen, he dressed up in his grammother dress he had a cool aid stand on hwy 9. we chase him around and try to stick em in the azz.(IAM JUST KIDDEN BRO) .....................................usmc

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    Was FLSG-B 66/67 Supply Motor-T can't say I know them.

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    I was with FLSG "B" at Chu Lai from Jan 1966 to July 1966 I worked with Sgt Lamar Tate. Also Danny Reil, My name is Cpl Ernest Brindley

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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie237 View Post
    I was with FLSG "B" at Chu Lai from Jan 1966 to July 1966 I worked with Sgt Lamar Tate. Also Danny Reil, My name is Cpl Ernest Brindley
    What was your MOS and unit?

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    To hbharrison

    I was with Supply..Mos was 3051

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    Well nuts we got there end of June 66 Motor T Supply, Lt Godfrey and Gunny Bender by the way I like your nick name "Butch" been mine to for the past 66 years now.

    Semper Fi


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    I have 1st claim

    Well Mr Harvey Harrison (Butch) I have 1st claim to the Butch nickname. My sister named me Butchie when I was born 10/09/43 And my entire family calls me that. I have a hard time when I go home..because everyone calls me Ernie every where else and I act stuck up when I go back to the home town area (I forget who I am) I also have built a room down in my Basement 8 x 12 "Duty-Hut" my wife did it up in dress blue colors on one wall..Brown camf. on another and Green Camf. on the other..

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    Butch, Glad to see I am not the only one has the problem with that name, but you got first claim it was the Doc who dilivered me who gave it to me.

    Semper Fi


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    Cpl jim kent flsg-b april 1966 feb 1967

    I was with motor transport. then relocated to FLSG-A PHU BAI for the remainder of my time in VIET NAM.

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    I beleive Supply,Rations,Motor pool and maybe other units were all under the Force Logistics Group. When we landed in Chu Lai..we put all the supplies into tents..Then later the Sea-bee's built a nice big metal building and we moved into it. I rotated back to the BIG Island (HOME) July 16th,1966. Was released at El Toro On August 1st,1966. Moved around the country 1st working for the Southern Calif Gas Co. then moved to San Angelo,Texas..Went to work for GTE "General Telepone Co" Retired from there and moved to Columbia City,In. Where we live now. Just travel and keep the place up.

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    FLSG-B was kinda the Bast*rds of FLSG-A moved us all over the place we ended up in Dong Ha around Mid 66. I left country in Dec 67.

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