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    Parris Island Weather

    Just something I was curious about. What is the weather like at Parris Island during the winter months? Does is get really cold or stay moderately nice out? I'm from NJ, so anything over 50 feels like summer time in the winter.

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    I was there from mid February to mid May and the winter months (Feb,Mar) were pretty cold in the early mornings and late nights. If it matters, you're better off being there in the winter if you ask me. I couldn't imagine being there in dead of the the summer with all the sand fleas, and the heat.

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    Go to weather dot com and look up 29905 and look at the monthly "forecast" It will give you an idea of the weather. It sucks in the summer, hot as winter will be spent at SOI

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    I went to PI in Jan. I'm from Louisiana so the cold kicked my ass, especially when the SDI ran us to the pit on those early mornings before putting cammies on. The crucible, BWT, nights were CRAZY sleeping in the little huts with no insulations, blankets, etc.

    You're going to freeze.

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    What difference will it make..what the weather is? Are you going to pack your ditty bag and leave if the weather isn't comfy?

    You will acclimatize and adjust regardless of the weather and the drill instructors will not do any training to jeopardize having a platoon of recruits with hypothermia.

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    you're lucky to be going in the winter. Summer sucked. The sand fleas ate you for lunch, and since they were there first, they had the right to eat your sorry a**, so don't even think about swatting them. Imagine 100 plus degrees, sweat every where, then playing in the sand. It was great!

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    Extreme weather conditions the spine and tempers the mind its good for a young recruit. I lived in a wall tent around 7700 feet above mean level during record low temperatures in the Absaroka Range of Wyoming '1985. Down to 50 below, then there was the wind. One morning it broke, and i walked out to feed the horses at about 4 am in a t-shirt. Something felt different but i just couldn't figure it out because life had been so hard the last 7 days, so i flicked a light on the thermometer nailed to a tree. It read 5 degrees and the worst had passed but i've never been so cold as when its all day 30 something, windy and raining


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    The weather at Parris Island

    So you want to Know about the weather at Parris Island. First let me give you alittle discription of Parris Island. (The song My DI's used to describe her to My Platoon " Parris Island is an Island a land that time forgot. The sand is 18 inches deep, and the sun is blazzen Hot.) I went to Parris Island on the 16th of october I left on the 10th of january. It's pretty cold at zero dark thirty standing in formation outside of 3rd battilion barracks. But The DI's have their own little way to help you stay warm Lets see if I can get it right for you ( GET IN MY PIT NOW! OK I'LL WAIT FOR YOU. .YOURE DONE LOCK YOUR BODIES NOW.) You won't have much time to react to the cold. Don't even get me started on the sand fleas. I could swore that the marine corps always kept the fleas instock. One day while standing in formation. One of those bastards was going to town just on the inner edge of my left ear. so when I thought that my senior DI wasn't looking I smacked the turd from my ear. Lets just say that was the wronge thing to have done. I was then ordered to dig a grave for said flea. After I did as I was told. I was then asked If the flea was a male or female? I being the smart azz sounded off. ( Female Sir) I was then blasted How does the recruit Know? I replied ( Because that ***** was trying to chew the recruits head off. Like the rucruits old girl freind. The company commander over heard my responce. All he could do was lower his head and laugh in fact every body who heard my responce busted out laughing. needless to say I spent alot of time in the pit.

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